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CS or NX?

Discussion in 'Adobe Processing Products' started by DamonS, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. DamonS


    Aug 18, 2008
    Idaho Falls, ID
    I use Elements 5.0 for editing currently but I don't do enough to consider myself attached to it in any way. That said, I'd like to start doing a lot more manipulating and playing with my photos and would love to hear opinions about what makes one program stand out over the other. I'm sure we have plenty of people here that have used both and even more that have something they either absolutely love or hate about the program they use.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I also have Elements 5, but never got into using it heavily. Although it's the baby brother of full-blown Photoshop (meaning it should be easier to use), I still find it a bit cumbersome with it's concepts of masks, layers, etc.

    I don't generally add/remove objects from images, so I use NX2 for my post-processing. If you shoot Raw and aren't locked in to another app at this point, I feel it's pretty easy to learn the basics. Like any other app, the deeper you delve into it, the steeper the learning curve. However, the curve never gets as steep as Photoshop's, IMO.

    In addition, there are no masks and layers, since NX's color and selection control points do basically the same thing. Also, any edits to the image are non-destructive. In other words, the original image need is saved intact, even after editing it.

    That covers the NX2 highlights that come to mind immediately. I'm sure that others will chime in with more. Ultimately, it comes down to preference between the two as they really arecompletely different in concept and design.

    So, why not try downloading the free 30-day trail of NX2, compare it with PSE5 and decide for yourself?
  3. I do alll of my main editing (curves, USM, hue/sat, etc) in NX2. Then if I need it, I open CS3 to clone stuff out and for adjusting via layers. IMO, NX(2) handles the Nikon NEF files much better than the Adobe programs. I am sure you will get a few different opinions on this. As Bert suggested above, download the trial of NX2 and give it a try.
  4. Photoshop Elements 7 is just out and has some interesting features.

    I just bought Lightroom 2 and it's a great program. It's non destructive and if you don't need pixel level editing, it may be all you need.

    Anyhow, be sure to look at the new PSE7 and LR 2 before you make a decision. I think both are available for free trial.
  5. Another vote for NX2. I've had CS3 longer, but seldom use it now, except for batch resizing. I also think NX2 does a much better job of converting NEFs.
  6. dspeed


    Dec 17, 2006
    Carlsbad, NM
    Having used Photoshop from version 3 or so, IIRC and not getting the freebie NX with my D200, I gravitated to Lightroom. Its a great program, and after learning what all the fuss about shooting RAW was (about 2 weeks), the lights came on. Such a powerful tool! In addition Lightroom gave me a start on getting my images collected and indexed after a lifetime of struggle.

    But there was an itch.

    After wondering why other peoples shots posted on the web seemed consistently *sharper* than mine, I read, and Googled, and calibrated, and generally honed my technique (which *did* show an improvement, thank you) - but there was still an 'edge' that eluded me. Downloaded NX 2 today, and I think that was the difference.

    I've seen a lot of discussion on the point, but it looks clear to me that Nikon/NIK has the edge in this case (sharpness). Adobe does as well or better in many areas, and OWNS the interface and speed contests, sadly.

    Many indicate that they have and use both packages; I suspect that this is the answer for the immediate future.

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