CT Wetlands

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  1. Nothing beats Viera but here are my CT wetlands. :smile:
    Camera: Nikon D700
    Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
    Aperture: f/4
    Focal Length: 85 mm (AIS 85mm f/2)
    ISO Speed: 200
    Exposure Bias: -2 EV
  2. ghursh


    Jul 3, 2007
    Gilbert, AZ
    nice color...
  3. Very nice but where re the boids? :smile:
  4. That is why Nancy and I drive to Florida:smile: We have them here just not in those numbers. I was there for two hours and saw two Canada Geese.
  5. Very pretty sky, John. Even the con-trail from the jet is a pretty color.
  6. jadlh


    Mar 6, 2008
    USA, Michigan
    I wanna say Velvia....nice shot, beautiful.