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Customs Charges and Vat for the UK.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob the Spiderman, May 19, 2005.

  1. This is mainly for our UK members, but others may find it interesting.

    I refuse point blank to pay UK prices for Nikon equipment and consequently I receive a lot of equipment from The States, Hong Kong and occassionally Canada.

    A recent purchase from Adorama in N.York made me question the customs charges they had passed on.,( Typical bl**dy Accountant ), I learnt some very very interesting facts about UK Customs Charges.

    1. Digital Cameras have NO IMPORT DUTY attached to them. So you only pay VAT of 17.5% on the total of the item + the Carriage Charge.
    2. SLR Cameras have a Imp. Duty of 4.2% levied on the value of the item. This is added to the total value of the invoice and Vat charged on this total.
    3 Lenses have an Imp. Duty of 6.7%. Calculate as above.
    4 Camera parts, ie. Bellows-Tubes-Lens Hoods have a Imp. Duty of 3.7%

    It now gets better. The UK C.& Exc. are calculating at a $ to £ exc. rate of 1.96 for the month of May, so those of you in the UK who may want an item from abroad can use these figures to calculate the price of the item and compare it with the UK price.

    One final charge. UPS and Fedex charge approx £11 and Parcel Force charge £17.50 for their administration costs.

    I hope that this helps those of you in the UK who are thinking of importind and item.

    BW. Bob F
  2. Bob, after reading this I think that the UK authorities are more reasonable than the Austrian.
    Because, here
    1) they include the shipping costs when calculating the VAT.
    2) Import duties and Vat are calculated on the basis not of the real price of the item but on an estimated amount.
    How this estimation works I have never figured out, but in the end (in case of import from the States) it sums up (VAT and import) to more than 30% of the original costs.
    This is what I call a real incentive to become a smuggler :wink: , although it would still be cheaper than when you buy the stuff in an Austrian shop.
  3. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    I think if I was going to be living in the UK longer I would open up a black market and deal to all you guys, I don't have to pay inport duty or VAT on stuff I order from the states.

    VAT, road tax, TV tax...it adds up fast for you all.
  4. Thanks a lot for that Todd. You USAF guys have all the lusk. Are you at Lakenheath?
    In the 70/80's I used to live near what was USAF Upper Heyford, Oxon (F1-11's) and actually got to see your on base shopping facilties. Made my eyes water!!
    I hope that you have enjoyed your sojurn in the UK.

    BW. Bob F.
  5. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    I loved it over here. This is my second time being in the United Kingdom,
    both times at Lakenheath. First with the F-111 and this time with the F-15.
  6. jgrove


    Apr 13, 2005
    In thats case can you get me....LOL
  7. Well, I got two lenses and two converters thru B&H in the States and a friend brought them back here to Canada. With the favourable exchange rate, no taxes (combined 15% here), I saved over $1,724 !

    I guess if I ever go back to the UK for a visit, I'll have to gather up a shopping list for some friends first ;) 
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