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Cute alert - Kittens and cats - Take 2

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by fireman, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. A while back, I posted Cute alert - Kittens and cats - Teaser. I wanted to post more but my life was pretty hectic for the last month or so and did not get to post more.

    I have a few minutes ahead of me so why not go ahead and do it now !

    How about we go with the kittens first ?

    Here's the one that stared in my first post. His name is Elmo.
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    This is Easylove. He's a male too.
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    Another male. His name is Edison.
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    Can you guess what gender Elvis is ?:biggrin:
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    Dexter seems to be looking for his sister...
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    Douce Gilberte that takes a pose of her own.
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    Sissi arrived from France earlier this summer. She will be one of my sister's new female.
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    Lunette is the mother of the first 4 kittens above.
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    This is Brigitte, the mother of the last 2 kittens.
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    That photo shoot would not have been complete if I'd forgotten to take a picture of Valkyrie, my sister's dog and surrogate mother of all 4 legged creature living at the [​IMG].
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    Finally, a picture of the setup I used to take the pictures of these wonderful cats.
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  2. Cats aren't my thing, but great shots everyone of them. Also, a sweet setup you have there.
  3. Thanks Louie for stopping by. Cats are not my thing either but they're so adorable that it was almost impossible to take a bad picture of them.

    The setup is nice and works great for cats and small dogs. I will eventually modify it to increase the working space but it'll do for now.
  4. Man, you must super-glue those guys to that chair :) 
  5. I would have to agree with 'Sir' Dave ^^^ :wink: - either that or you must be using Velcro! :smile: - When I do this sort of thing the little blighters seem to want to use the entire room and not sit in one (controlled) spot - Nice series.

    The 'mum' (Brigitte) looks just like a cat we had (recently passed-away) she had exactly the same colouring but had a short tail that according to the vet was not damaged but a natural length for the breed, does your's have this 'feature'?
  6. Hi Jean-Pierre...
    Beautiful shots... What more can I say...
    I have to agree with the others, how did you get them to stay put when shooting...
  7. Cute shots! Nice setup.
  8. Well, it wasn't a chair :biggrin: and I did not use super glue.

    When I shot these guys, they were just a wee bit over 2 weeks old so they had not yet started running around. We also put both mothers in another room so they did not call them and the kittens did not try to go back to their mothers. That made my life a whole lot easier.

    Brigitte has a regular length tail and my sister never mentioned anything about shorter tails for her cats. I don't know what breed your cat was but my sister's are British Longhair and Shorthair so maybe that's why. If they were the same breed, please let me know and I'll email her. Maybe it's just me that never noticed it.

    It was actually a lot more easier than it looks. The only time we had a problem is when 2 males were introduced in the room at the same time. Boy, these guys can't tolerate each other. That's why all of my sister's male live offsite in different families.

    Thanks !
  9. btg1


    Jun 20, 2008
    This really made my day.. I *do* like cats! Not much gear used at all for such professional results! Very nice!
    The only thing I have problem with (myself) when using multiple lights is not having 2 catchlights in the eye... I see it on picture#4... Is there a solution for that?
  10. Both lights were a bit high compared to the height of the top the table I used in this setup so it was difficult to see catchlights in their eyes, especially the kittens. These fur balls were 10 to 14 days old and tended to look down a lot which made it almost impossible to get catchlights.

    Working so close to the ground made me feel safer as the kittens wouldn't have hurt themselves if they'd fallen off the table but it made it difficult to lower the lights. Next time, I will raise the platform which will give me more freedom as far as light placement.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Thiswill help me take better animal pictures.
  11. I love em! All the kittens, cats, and dog are sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing your set up too! I may have to try that some day with my own 3 kitties. Hope you post more soon!
  12. Wow!
    Jean-Pierre, that is lovely work!
    The mother is beautiful.
    This is Mozart
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  13. Mozart! What a beauty! Love the expression on his face! I need to shoot my kitties more often!
  14. Good job Fred ! I love it !
  15. Thanks Dianne!
    They are willing, beautiful models.

    Thanks Jean-Pierre!
    I've fired my flash off camera, to get a more realistic look, but your little light stage is brilliant. My best results have been with the 50mm 1.4 and no flash.
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