Cutest old couple ive ever seen

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  1. i was at balboa park today and this couple asked me to take a few pictures of them for their 31st anniversary so of course i said yes. they even offered to take me to lunch but i had to take a rain check.



    c&c always welcome!
  2. I agree, adorable!
  3. That is SO nice of you to make those for them. The second one is just adorable.
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    I agree. you really captured a precious day for them.
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    Feb 15, 2008
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    WOW!!! Nice pictures, that is cool that you got to do that!!!
  6. how awesome is that?
    great shots
    i know they'll be thrilled with them
    too bad you couldn't have lunch with them.... it bet their stories would have been as cute as these shots

    well done
  7. I agree! Too bad you missed out on that lunch. Great capture. I love Balboa Park.
  8. theres a good story to this set. i was actually at balboa park for a scavenger photo hunt with my class, after i was done i went to my car and saw it wasnt there. i didnt know what to do, i only brought $20 and i left my cell phone at home. long story short, my car got towed because my tags got stolen earlier this week and the citing officer thought it was unregistered. i called my friend to pick me up and during the time i was waiting this couple approached me, even though i was bummed out i couldnt resist to take their picture because i thought they were so cool. so i set up my lights and took their pictures.

    i ended up having to go to the dmv, wait two hours just for a moving permit and payed $318 to get my car out of impound. i took at least 150 shots that day and that portrait made the day worth it. i emailed bob the pictures and this is what was said,

    i said,
    he replied,
    im glad you all liked them, ill definately remember that day for a long time