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D 300 raw image and CS2???

Discussion in 'Adobe Processing Products' started by TomP, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. I have just ordered a 300,:biggrin: what will I have to plug in to open the raw image in CS2, I did not see anything on the adobe site, that jumped out at me, and as I remember we had to download something to make the d200 raw open, but that was 3 years ago, and I can not remember..
  2. Subscribing since I'm in the same boat. :smile:
  3. The D300 is too new for ACR to operate with the version required in PSCS2 - the last for that was 3.7. The D300 requires around 4.0 or later which is only compatible with PSCS3.
    However all is not lost, you can download the latest DNG convertor from Adobe and convert your NEFs to DNG (I do this with my NEFs) and PSCS2 will open those just fine.
    Hope that helps....
  4. I've opened my RAW's in CS2 without any problems...hmmm
  5. Really, tell me more please. It is my understanding that SC2 only uses ACR3.7 which goes up to the D40.
    I could be mistaken though...:wink:
  6. Geoff I do hope you are wrong, but it seems that was the case with he jump from d70 to 200, PS7 would not support it, and I had to buy CS2, or maybe it was PS6, and I bought PS7, but in any case, I had to but some more Adobe. I just do not have the cash or need right now.

    Paul i guess i will find out for sure Tuesday, if B&H is keeps their schedule.
  7. Tom. I can understand your frustration. However it is difficult to make things that are forward compatible, especially when camera manufacturers change the files each new camera model. Imagine the uproar if we had to get a new octane of fuel for each new car model by each manufacturer!!!

    If anyone would like to send me a D300 NEF I can test this.

  8. I got one, but I think its 14mb. Can your email take that large of a file?
  9. PM sent John
  10. Edit: can't do it with my comcast storage because it limits uploads to 8mb each. I tried to send it by email and your email didn't accept it because it was 14.6mb. grrrrr
  11. Someone here might put in on a server - please!!
  12. I got it sent this time. It's coming from Nikon My Picture Town.
  13. How did it go, Geoff? :smile:
  14. Working, will eat then look. PM is best from here on...

  15. Paul - I am sorry but I don't see it possible to open a D300 NEF file in CS2 without converting it to a DNG as Geoff stated. Adobe will not update the raw converter in cs2 as Geoff stated. We are stuck at version 3.7 and the D300 NEF files are supported in version 4.0.

    The options you have are to do your raw editing in NX / convert to Adobe DNG / upgrade to CS3 - I convert to DNG personally and raw edit in CS2.

    The converter is a free download from adobe http://www.adobe.com/products/dng/
  16. That's a lot of crap and expense just because Adobe doesn't want to give us an updated plug-in for CS2 (basically forcing an upgrade). :frown:

    I think I'll just keep shooting in jpeg then. It takes up less space on my PC and memory cards. :smile:
  17. I agree.I found a D300 nef file, and I can not open ot with anything. IF I can not open it, how do I change it to a DNG?? Looks like the D300 is going to cost me a couple of extra $100 I do not have:frown:
  18. You may just get Capture NX with the camera... :wink:
  19. What good will capture do? As i recall it was not a very good bit of software, sluggish. i never used it, then i need to improve my work flow anyway, been meaning to ask some people what they use, i am just opening in CS2 finish in PS7 and that is it. I am not happy with a lot of my results. regardless of the quality of my image, they do not come out with that film look that so many other folks get.
  20. MikeG76


    Jun 11, 2008
    Middletown, NY
    My workflow needs a lot of work also currently as I'm in the same boat. However, I do use Capture NX 2 and don't find it sluggish. I use it mainly because they read the RAW file settings instead of reverse engineering it. I also find it frustrating that any in camera settings applied get stripped when importing with ACR unless you convert the RAW file to a DNG first and open that. I turn these off usually in NX2 before starting, but I like having the option.

    NX2 doesn't have a lot of the built in filters the PS uses and you don't work in layers, you work in steps.

    check out this thread: https://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/showthread.php?t=180841

    People are hosting their settings files after editting an NEF to show what they did.

    On another note, can you download the latest adobe camera raw and install it so CS2 uses it? I know LR2 comes with 4.5 built in, but you'd think they would give you the option to upgrade the camera raw.
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