D-SLR for long journey, a power question

May 7, 2005
London, UK
Hi All,

I'm sort of in a similar situation to other threads talking about buying a D1X or a D2H.
Originally I entered digital from an F100 to a D100 with the grip, I got good use of the camera and fell in love with the second release.

When the D2X was announced I assumed the D200 would follow shortly, to minimise the sudden depreciation on the D100 price and having seen a good deal on ebay for a D1X I traded up for relatively little money.

I have been very happy with the D1X, 2 batteries can keep me going for all I can throw at it. However here is my dilemma. I'm planning a trip this summer which will probably see me away from power supplies for relatively long periods of time, not very D1X friendly!

Obviously I can buy some more batteries, perhaps another 4 and that may keep me going, I have also been looking at the external digital camera batteries and suspect that will also tide me through the power droughts. However since this will add to my load both financially and physically, with little gain I am sceptical added to the little desire to spend the best part of a day re charging batteries whilst on holiday.
I am starting to consider other options.

The D2X, which to be honest I can't afford new, or D2H, pre owned, and some batteries. Here I am getting a massive saving in weight and solving the battery issues. I would trade my D1X back on ebay and hope to more or less cover the cost of the D2H.

My concerns are the resolution. I see the D1X as being vastly better than my D100, I do use the pseudo 10MP mode, and the jump to a D2H would be noticeable. Incidentally I doubt I will ever print beyond A3+

So what I see I gain is:
Battery Life (Essential)
Voice Recording (Nice and missed from D100)
AF (hmm, not essential but...)
smaller body (good)
small file size (shoot compressed on D1X perhaps not an issue)
speed (not really my thing, prefer timing ;) )
two control dial's vertically (kept me off D1X initially)

And loose:
D1X quality
Worse printing noise at high ISO's (the D100 was really good here)
125 iso, (noise?)
Resolution (marginal?)

Have I answered and justified my own question here?

Will be shooting reportage style with landscapes generally, sometimes dusk and bad lighting conditions. The buffer upgraded D1X has suited me here with the weird pixel arrangement.

I haven't seen reviews comparing the D2H to the D1X so I'm hoping there will be experience here, who knows, someone may even have been in the same situation! To date I have resisted the urge to even play with either a D2H or X in camera shops, evil credit cards!

Lens wise I'm fine, but am tempted to upgrade to the 17-55 to reduce weight... Argh lens lust! javascript:emoticon(':twisted:')

If of course I see a D2X for £2k I may be tempted! Although then I would need more storage and a better computer...

What do people think?

Thanks in advance and for reading this mammoth post,
May 3, 2005
Wasilla, Alaska
need a bit more imformation

How are you traveling? Will you have a vehicle of any sort along? If so a simple power inverter would allow you to plug in your normal chargers. Also there are several new solar devices, that fold or roll up, that claim to charge just about anything. They are several hundred dollars and that may be out of the question. I don't know about your camera but my D70 has a battery adapter for the use of 3volt disposables. They are not cheap but cheaper than some other options. If memory serves the 3 disposable batteries needed for my adapter ran about $15. So multiply that by the # of "Batteries" you think you might go through. You may also be able to find "hand crank" chargers that fit your needs. Good Luck.


Re: need a bit more imformation

Matt Swalling said:
If memory serves the 3 disposable batteries needed for my adapter ran about $15. So multiply that by the # of "Batteries" you think you might go through.

That's about right. Energizer Photo Lithium CR3's, I believe. Expensive, and they drain (surprisingly for lithiums) fast compared to the Li battery that comes with the D70. This was my strategy, to use the battery adapter while the main battery charges so I could start playing immediately when the camera arrived.
May 6, 2005
Hi Jerrold,

It seems like you're pretty happy with the D1X. Unless you'll have no access to power for extremely lengthy periods or you are an extremely prolific shooter, maybe you should just lug the extra batteries. You could lighten your load by getting a 17-55 and that would certainly add value long after your trip ends. There might still bea 17-55 available in the For Sale Forum of the Cafe.

Thom Hogan did a summary comparison of Nikon-mount DSLRs that might be helpful. http://www.bythom.com/dslrcomp.htm

Sounds like an interesting trip. Share the details.

Apr 30, 2005
Thornbury, near Bristol, UK
You don't say how long you expect to be away from electricity - if you are going treking in some very remote part of the world (the Karakorum in Pakistan is open again and a trek to K2 base camp would see you away from any form of electricity for 2 weeks) then either the solar panels that have been suggested or a visit to your local second hand dealer to find a F2 or similar and a load of film is called for. But other than those sort of expeditions my experience is that, these days, you'r never more than a few days from electricity - you will need some adaptors for the different sockets you will meet though.
May 7, 2005
London, UK
Hi All,

Sorry for seeming to dissappear, had an HD failure.
Firstly, if you haven't backed up your data, DO IT NOW!!
I don't think I lost much, but some files I recovered seem to be corrupt. :(

Anyway back to the topic, I've decided to stick to the D1X, I've purchased a 'digital camera battery' which should give me 3-4k shots per charge. that should tide me thorough between charges.

Dave: Good point about adapters, had slipped my mind!

Unfortunately the D1X can't take AAs like my old D100 could, that was always a safety backup.

I had planned to buy myself one or two more batteries off ebay, but the nice £15 ones have dissappeared, hopefully temporarily.

My trip is to China, planning on taking the Trans-Siberian railway there, spending a few days in Russia then two weeks in Mongolia and then four trying to get as far in China as possible. Flying out from Hong Kong, tempting shopping there I hear! ;)

May 1, 2005
East Lansing, MI
Jerrold, I just returned from a long trip in China. Took the D2H (instead of the D100 or D70 which I also own) and shot around 800 images per day with abundant chimping. Still had about 33% of my battery left when I got home. I was very happy with my decision, and although I brought along a second battery, I never used it.

I also bought an adapter (buy it IN China, mine was only $1 US and it came with a power strip coverter too. In China, you will also find that many of the outlets have both Asian and 2-prong Western outlets.

I have used D1X and H's in the past and you will love the way the D2H feels in your hands, the ergonomics is outstanding and unbeatable. You will be processing your images faster, and can fit more on a card. I love it! Here's the links to some images shot all over Beijing China:




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