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D1X vs D70 vs D100 Comparison PHotos

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dragonflydm, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Ok.. I have one day to do a side-by-side test so I took advantage of the opportunity and took one shot of each.

    I think that you will find that as a side by side at a mid range ISO (which I think is more telling about honest noise) you can see that 6MP is basically 6MP with slight differences. However, the D1X focus engine I think is a slightly more critical than the D70 and D100. So what you pay for is the rest and that is really up to the individual.

    I still think the D1X is one of the best cameras ever made. I still think that the D100 not only makes great images, but has a great film quality to the images and does really well in low light. The D70 is the cracker jack box version of the D1X offering great images in a plastic little box.

    The photo was taken from the same location with a daylight balanced lamp (btw the color balance is for Cloudy Day which works best).

    Lens- 50mm @ f/1.8
    Shutter- 1/80
    ISO 500

    1. D70
    100% crop

    2. D100
    100% crop

    3. D1X
    100% crop
  2. Fascinating comparison, though my only conclusion is that the d70 held up very well. Nikon handles iso500 with ease;
    noise was low in all of the images. The primary differences were in the appearance of the window (?) in the background.
    For some reason, the d70 didn't see the horizontal slat, while the other 2 cameras did. Curious.
  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I don't think that's a window - it looks like a computer monitor, and the horizontal 'slat' is a scan line that would appear at different places at different times.

    Other than that, and slight color differences and the point of the focal plane, they look remarkably similar considering the differences in the cameras. The D70 does take a slight lead in sharpness.
  4. Yea...it is plastic flowers and a computers screen on in the background.

    Although there is an apparent "edge" to the D70, I think what we see is that between these 6MP cameras that the chips perform nearly identically. The "measurebators" (as my friend Al Jacobs says) and "pixel nazis" can truely try to parse up things but you are going to get the same chip performance out of the cameras. The aggressive "AA" filter will sharpen the image a bit on the D70, but then you also risk artifacting-- but either situation is so minor I don't think it is really a talking point.

    SO the ergonomics, features and camera body are the real differences in these cameras. And that is where the D1X takes off again.
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