D200 for indoor, or night sports

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by twig, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. twig


    May 23, 2005
    Can anybody talk about the AF performance in dim gyms or night games yet?
    I see lots of posts from people who have other uses for the camera (portrait, landscape, things in daylight, statis subjects under any circumstances), but have not heard form any sports shooters, and would love to know more about the CAM-1000 in action.

    My insides tell me the AF is the deal breaker and the primary differential factor between the D200 and a D2 (another words, Nikon doesnt make a $5k camera for $1700, surprise surprise) but I Would love to hear more confirmation from others on their experiences.

    The D200 appeals becasue the increased resolution would work well for hockey where I have to shoot horizontal and sometimes want to crop heavily.

    I really would like to hear from somebody who uses a D2 body (X H or Hs), the fact that the D200 is miles better than a D70 doesn;t tell me anything.

    I would also welcome High ISO commetns from a sports shooter, because the posts I see of someone's handbag sitting on a chair in a dark room, improperly exposed and shot at 1/30 don't help me understand high iso for my sitaution. Would love to see or hear about ISO 1600 in mixed gym lighting at 1/250 f/2.8
  2. Twig, having had mine for a whole day now, I have not had the opportunity to have a go at my normal Sporting venues yet. But I will tell you this, just doing some VERY subjective focus tests around the house, I can't tell the difference between my D2H and my D200, which I consider to be a Very Good Sign. Now, I use all AFS or HSM lenses for my sports bits so the old "screw-drive" issue is not an issue for me. For a slighty different perspective, I never had problems with my D70 for night High School or for NIFL indoor football this past season, and those guys play in some horrid indoor venues as far as light goes. I could see focus differences in speed and "quickness" of aquisition between my D70 and D2H, and the D200 is in the same league, from what I have seen, with my D2H.

    Now, to be fair, I have not had any "moving objects" other than my dog to test this with indoors yet.

    Also, when I headed out for the Swans this AM, see my thread in the Bird forum, it was quit dim until the sun came up. No focus prolems at all, including on the Canadian Geese.
  3. mf44


    Jun 4, 2005
    NJ & MD
    twig, if you can hold out, I'll be getting my D200 mid week and I'll be testing it out in some action situations then. I currently shoot with a D2x and D2Hs so I can compare the two. I know that I'll be shooting some low lit basketball in a few weeks for sure, so I can get back to you by then if not earlier.
  4. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I am wondering if a D2H might be better for me, I shoot mainly hockey.
    I shot 1 game last year with a D2h and was very impressed with it.
    I got to play with the D200 last weekend in a restaurant, and was very impressed with it, but that isn't the same as shooting hockey or other sports.
    What to buy? I really want a faster camera NOW!!
  5. twig


    May 23, 2005
    Bill, thanks for the info. Sports seerms to be the most demanding sitaution, that is why I need someone doing almost the same thigns as me to really know what hte D200 can do.

    Mike- I look forward to hearing your experiences. I use the 50/1.4 a lot, so the AF screw speed is important to me as well (the nikon AF-S line up often does no cut the mustard indoors brightness wise, and it is an AWFUL shame they have not AF_s'd any primes)

    Dave- I am considering the D200 ESPECIALLY for hockey as the sport seems to demand horizontal shooting and the extra pixels will help for cropping under those circumstances.

    Unlike a lot of sports shooters I primarily use single area focus, since I know where the head of my subject will be and I need that to be sharp while the group focus modes can grab an arm or leg and leave my faces soft. So, given this, I think I am not demanding as much of my AF system. However, I still need to use other focus points than the center selector and get a good quick AF in low light (ISO 1600) conditions, and that is probably an extreme test of the CAM -1000.

    I would lvoe to believe that it is sufficient, but I really think there is more difference between the D2H or X and the D200 than people say, and that is primarily going to be in this critical area of AF performance.
  6. mf44


    Jun 4, 2005
    NJ & MD
    twig, I'll be sure to try it out my 50 1.8 (don't have the 1.4) as well when I do some of my basketball work. I may shoot some hockey in late January or February, but it'll be at the MCI Center so it won't be a good lowlight test. I think the basketball should be comparable, though.
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