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d200 hysteria?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by marc, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. marc

    marc Guest

    first it was D2X, soundly thrashed in beginning

    now d200, ogled, disected, critiqued, holy cow

    why all the d200, hysteria?
    why is everyone wanting to be NUmber 1 on the list?

    didn't we have enough conversation, when early D2x models had some "focus" problems.?

    does everyone have all this money to burn?

    what i really would like to know, how many pictures have you taken, with these really expensive toys?
    and how many of these pictures are meaningful?
    how many do you print?
    how many are you really happy you took, and said to yourself, i am so lucky i have this camera?

    just some ramblings, on a sunny morning, before going to work.

    ps: i am planning on getting a d200, after new years
  2. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    I agree with you and can't understand how people can make judgements on a camera that doesn't exist yet.

    More than I would have if I didn't.
    I photograph my kids so they are all meaningful to us.
    The good ones get printed. Great ones get printed large.
    I struggled to photograph my children with the D70. D2x makes it easy.

    Just my opinion.:smile:
  3. marc

    marc Guest

    thanks for your candor

    that is what i am looking for,

    some honest discussion, instead of the constant

    this is what i want and nikon s cks
    and why won't they do this or that

    when i read this stuff, my brain gets frazzled,

    i am sure the d200,, will be terrific, i am really more excited by the new flash stuff, i hope it is as good as it looks.

    i sold my d100, and took some test shots with it, before saying goodby, they were as good as the day i get it.

    the d100 is a really fine camera, the d200 will be terrific and easier to use than the d2x.

    great camera for most amateur photogs.
  4. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005

    me too. There are so many possibilities with the new flash system. I definately want the new macro setup. I think it is really interesting.

  5. marc

    marc Guest

    hey patrick

    i am really curious about the ability to add, up to 8 flashes to the ring

    also the su800, if it gives better coverage the cls now, then cls will be really useful
  6. I don't care if I am #1 on the list, but there are enough features I would like that I am on the list. As far as
    "Hysteria" goes, most of what I see are reasonable questions, and decent info. Sure, there are already some "noise" threads and "what is wrong" already, but that is just human nature after all.

    I bought a very-early-model Fuji S1 and then a very-early-model D1H, then a very-early-model D2H, no worries at all, and I am not at all concerned about the D200. Plenty of dev time to refine, especially with the 2H and 2X to build upon.

    Nope, and as proof of that I have a Sigma 120-300 f2.8 and a Sigma 500mm f4.5 HSM, because I don't have the funds for the Nikon equivalents. Same reason I haven't upgraded to the D2X from my H at this point in time. But I see a number of D200 features that make this a "good idea", for me at least.

    Ah, the crux of the matter. In order, somewhere over 50,000 by now, at the very least. Meaningful is quite subjective. I have certainly sold several thousand over the years of sports and events, so I'd call those "meaningful" in the sense that they help finance all of this. Meaningul to me, on the other hand, probably the same number as when I shot film. The percentage is lower now as I whack the shutter far more often with digital. With luck I will be able to convince some other folks that these are "meaningul" as well. As to your last question, the number of those images is far smaller, and not once have I said to myself "how lucky I am to have this camera". It is always a case of "Wow, how lucky I am to be at this place, at the right time, with equipment that lets me capture this moment". Sad to say, but the Nikon Model gets little credit on its own, credit goes to the whole "team" :wink:

    I'm "on the list", hope I get mine first.....:smile:
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