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D200 Manual lens frenzy!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lowlight_junkie, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. lowlight_junkie


    Nov 28, 2005
    Has anyone else noticed the massive increase in Ebay prices on Manual F mount lenses since the D200 release?
    There goes my hobby of bargain hunting for a while!! :frown:
  2. RForshey

    RForshey Guest

    Ain't it the truth! I've been bidding on Nikkor 50mm f1.2 ais lenses for about 3 months and the price keeps getting driven up to ridiculous levels. I finally said to heck with it and bought a new one.. (I'm a lowlight junkie too, I wanted to add this to my 85 F1.4 and 200 F2 collection!)
  3. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Chaz :

    You need to hit the local stores. There's one around the corner from my office with a scad of nice manual lenses. I picked up one for a friend (out-of-town) at another store in town recently.

    eBay's a neat place, but with the large number of people looking it over constantly, it's very hard now to get a real bargain. Local stores, OTOH, don't get pored over with the same intensity.

    John P.
  4. GaryW

    GaryW Guest

    What's the connection?

    I don't understand. What is the connection between the D200 and manual lenses?
  5. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    The D200 will meter in some modes with non-chipped manual focus lenses, while the D100, D70, D70s and D50 will not.
  6. The D200 can meter with manual lenses, something that the D100, D70, and D50 couldn't do (well, they could if the lens was chipped, but there aren't many that have it).

    Personally I think the market's being dumb. People could've bought the D2h last year for $2000 and had the same metering capabilities.
  7. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    Let us not forget that many of these older lenses were in fact incredible bargains when you do a quality/price comparison. The recent runup is, to a small extent, reflecting the previous disparity in prices. There has been an ongoing increase in interest in these lenses from all sorts of unusual places too - go look at the Sigma and Canon forums. Sigma for example, after claiming for the past couple of years that "it's the chip that counts", have now discovered that if you put a really good lens in front of that chip you get an even better result. Someone recently "discovered" the 105/2.5, so you now have Sigma users looking for that lens as well as nikon users. BTW this is all driven by "word of mouth" as propagated by the internet. Ahhh progress...
  8. I agree and let's not forget my venerable D1x: it meters fine with Ai lenses. It has given new life to my Ai 50mm f/1.4, which produces gorgeous images with the D1x.
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