D200 n00b questions

Sep 13, 2006
Livonia - Michigan
So I keep reading about things like DX and crop and stuff like that when the D200 is talked about

Can I get a Nikon 101 refresher course?

And I thought I read something about when you put a lens on the D200 it's actually like 1.5x the size listed on the lens? So its like it has a built in teleconverter? so like my 300 F/4 would actually be more like a 420?



(this won't disuade me from upgrading to a D200 - I just am trying to pre-learn what I can about the camera - if anyone can't or doesn't want to re-explain - I'll take web links that explain things better)
Jun 1, 2005
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Welcome to the D200!

You're going to enjoy it Paul, there are still a few of us dinosaurs around:wink:.

The crop affects the field of view, not the focal length. A 200mm lens is still a 200mm lens, no matter the camera. However, with the 1.5X crop, your field of view on a 300mm lens will be the same as that of a 450mm lens (it's narrower.) Since the field of view (FOV) is narrower, the object you are photographing and the sensor is smaller, the object does fill up more of the sensor, than if the sensor were larger. This gives the appearance of more "reach" to the lens.

Also, with the D200 (and D300) you may/will have more pixels on the image, since they are/may be smaller and more densely packed.

So the lenses you have will work just fine. Moving up from the D50 will be fairly easy for you and open up a whole new world of manual control.
Jan 15, 2008
So I keep reading about things like DX and crop and stuff like that when the D200 is talked about
The same DX crop is present in your D50 as well. As a matter of fact every Nikon DSLR used the DX sensor until D3 and the just announced but yet unavailable D700.
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