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D200 NEF's and In-Camera NR and Capture: How it seems to work...

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by AFS, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Hi guys n gals!
    I've downloaded a bunch of D200 NEFs over the past few weeks, satisfying myself with the Fastone viewer and more recently Nikon View, where I had some darn good results with the ISO 3200 ones :smile:
    But with the Capture upgrade, i've seen how Capture deals with In-Camera NR.
    When In-Camera NR is on, it is applied to JPEGs...but with RAW the settings are embedded into the NEF and left for later processing.
    These settings are uploaded and run with the NEF in Nikon Capture's color noise reduction tool.
    Working on an ISO 1600 NEF, the default for Hi ISO NR On Normal is something like color NR 27, sharpness 5. Some very nice results there with basically zero color noise.
    It works best when you turn the default sharpening to off in the advanced RAW toolset. Then you can run a tailor-made USM separately to your specs without aggravating the noise with more random and all-in-one sharpening.
    I've made an ISO 3200 print and it is fabulous at 8x10, and that was preproduction!
    Hoping to do my own personal tests soon :biggrin:
  2. AFS, thanks for the input. Regards.
  3. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    While Harrison is largely correct, there might in fact occur some NR pre-processing done with hi-ISO captures directly in the camera. This NR is a basic processing which the user cannot switch off and it takes place before the data is saved to the CF card. D2X behaves like this (from ISO 400 and upwards) and I see no reason why D200 shouldn't do the same.

    The ability for NC to read and process the "instruction set" embedded in the NEF, while other software just ignores these settings, may explain why people reported so widely different results after the last D2X firmware upgrade. For example, the LCD display shows a massive reduction in hi-ISO noise, files processed in NC agree, but Bibble do not respond in a similar fashion at all.

    I get my much delayed review sample of D200 either today or tomorrow, so will certainly look into its noise behaviour at all ISO settings.
  4. Yeah, I figured some sort of on or near-chip NR would occur... however looking at NR-off samples of NEFs I think it is minimal- the color noise is definitely there if you turn it off- but I still had the perception of the grainy less-patchy feel for it- Nikon's on chip work?
    I'm going to love this camera :) 
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