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D200 question

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by NZDoug, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. My Fuji S2Pro is in the camera hospital as it reads "ERR" and wont respond.
    Its $700 to replace the circut board so Im considering buying a D200 and wonder
    Can CS2 read the raw Nikon files?
    Its decision time.
  2. don't forget to check out the Fuji S5 as well!
  3. ACR 3.x (that comes with CS2) can. Alternatively, you can use the (much less capable) Nikon NEF plug in.
  4. THX! Dave , for your informative reply.
    I dont think the Fuji focuses as fast as the Nikon, Phil.
    The S2Pro has been a GREAT camera and I love its files and its ability at higher asa.
    Ive never owned a digital Nikon body for all my Nikkors, so it would be a treat to own a D200 or something that says Nikon on it!
    Ive got the Kodak SLR/N and its a great studio camera but lousy available light camera.
    :confused: How does the D200 handle asa 800 - 1600?
  5. As Dave says, yes it can, I think it came in ACR3.4?
    Doug, suggest you look at CS3 as there is now ACR4.1 with more controls. Lightroom has the same processing as ACR also.
  6. Igor


    May 15, 2005
    Ukraine, Europe
    Hi Doug, don't hesitate, go for the D200, you'll love it :smile:
    Not very clean at ISO800 and above, but pretty much acceptable...
  7. Hey Geoff, I do this for a living and spend money with disdane!
    Hi Igor, good to hear from you.
    I know that :wink:you know!
  8. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    D200 is a great camera.
  9. My pleasure:smile:

    By all accounts not as well as the S5.

    This is as well as I've been able to do at ISO 1600
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    [This shot was probably underexposed 2/3 to 1 stop to maintain 1/250 shutter speed, converted with Nikon Capture, Noise Ninja applied (with the attendant loss of detail), and black point moved up to hide noise in shadow areas]

    Somewhat better at ISO 800 but not real clean.
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    [Converted with ACR, Noise Ninja applied (I think)]

    I usually feel confident that properly exposed shots up to ISO 400 will be pretty clean, and that those above that will need some extra work in post processing. In most cases, I'm able to stay at ISO 400 or below and have thoroughly enjoyed shooting with my D200.
  10. THX! Dave. Good files for hi ASA.
    New Question.
    In the studio I use a hand held meter to read flash exposure settings.
    With the SLR/N I set my meter to 100asa and get good results.
    With film I set the meter to 100asa and get good results with asa 100 film.
    With the S2Pro my images are over exposed 1 stop, so I set the meter to 200 and get good results.
    I like this as it means my 1500 Elinchrome flash acts like a 3000 watt pack!
    Does anyone know how the Nikon handles its light sensitivity response?
    Like is 100asa 100?
    Phil, how about the S5?
  11. Doug,

    This page in the D200 review at DPR indicates that set and actual ISO's match perfectly. As is usually the case, the review is thorough, and after using a D200 for about 15 months, I don't find anything in it that with which I really disagree.
  12. I am enjoying the S5 a lot, awesome results compared to my D100. When i purchased it McAlisters were still holding the D200 at the artificially high price so the S5 was only marginally more expensive. Now that the d200 price has dropped several hundred, I probably would have gone for the D200 and purchased some more glass. While some pigeon hole the S5 as a "wedding or portrait" camera, I think it gives excellent results across the board from landscapes, interior architectural, sports and so on. Low light handling is pretty awesome with almost clean images up to 1250iso. Stacks of images from the S5 in my pbase galleries
  13. fyrbolt


    Feb 2, 2007
    Las Vegas
    Kiaora... to the guys from the land of the long white cloud.

    In regards to PS CS2 reading NEF. I was having problems opening NEF files. I think I had an older version of ACR. There is a free download from Adobe to upgrade to the latest version of ACR 3.7 (i think). Anyway, I think it's version 3.4 and above that will read D200 NEF files.

    I'm relatively new to photography but.... boy do I like the D200
  14. Hi Doug ! You know me for long enough to know the kind of photography i usually do...

    I had (seems like centuries ago) an S2 and LOVED it, but it died and i got a D70, wich had IMO 2 advantages over the S2: 1:500 flash sync and a much faster writing time on the CF-cards... then i bought the D200, wich is even faster, but (still IMO) doesn't do as well with higher ISO as the D70 did :frown: !

    If you like a very fast writing time, the possibility of shooting up to 5 images/sec., and if you DO NOT USE HIGHER ISO, go for the D200 !

    ...but still, if you want to take HIGH ISO images (and if you're not affraid to have to wait for the camera writes the file on the CF-card, then go for the S5 !!!

    I do beleive that the Fuji's give the best colors, contrast and DR of all cameras, but they also have their weak points :frown:... it's all a matter of choice: i use my D200 95% of the time, but i still have an S2 (bought second hand) that, for some kind of shots, i would't trade for any Nikon (or even Canon :rolleyes: ).

    Cheers mate,
  15. So do i and you do live in Auckland.........mmmmmmmmm:biggrin:
    Go for the D200 it is a champion, I think it will be a classic.
  16. Hey, youse fellas,
    THX! for the replies.
    Phil, I had a big job today and a good buddy,
    loaned me his back up S2ro and told me I could try his D200 for a week or so.
    Im still waiting on word from Fuji re "ERR".
    So my buddy Bruce, in the link, stated to me that he uses the D200 95% of the time but insists that the S2Pro files are nicer.
    Im sure the S5 files are dynamite.
    Ray, thanks for the heads up re:ACR, I auto download my CS2 updates so Im top of that.
    Jean-Pierre. Good to hear from you.
    My wife ,Glenda thinks that I should get it over with and jump ship to the EOS 5D , full frame and a wider selection of optics, like 4 different tilt and shift, and the body cost less than a D2X.
    It cost less tan what I paid for my S2Pro 4 years ago!
    Thanks for the input , Geoff. See you at the beach!
    I`ll put this decision off for a week or more if possible.:Smart:
  17. What happened.

    So I ended up fixing my S2Pro.
    A little under $700NZ for a new powerboard.:frown:
    Heres the last shot it did befor it went snap, crackle, pop....
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    I tweeked this file:smile:
  18. Aiiiii, Caramba!!!

    So I pick up my EOS 5D tomorrow.
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