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D200 Repair - What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by frankier, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Last Saturday, I took my D200 along with my 50 1.4 for a check-up. The 50 1.4 appeared (to my untrained eyes) to be kind of soft full open and since it is under warranty, I figured it would not hurt. I thought that I would take the opportunity and give the D200 a check and clean.

    Today, the APS technician calls me and informs me that they are not able to run a diagnostic on the D200 because the 10-pin port is not communicating. I use the Phottix wireless release and it works just fine, but it could be that Phottix does not use all the pins. So, what APS is telling me is plausible. Besides, I hear that APS reputation is very good and have no reason to doubt them. He told me that I could leave it alone if I feel that there are no other problems with the camera........ which I don't thik there are.

    In short, this could add about $70 to the regular maintainance and cleaning ($110) if they can fix the port or $170 if they need to change the entire camera board!! :eek:  I like my camera (bought it used last November), almost more than the D300 loaner that I have been using, but I feel like I could have almost bought a new D300 at today's prices.:frown:

    What would you do? Would you repair the D200 or just leave it alone? To give you all the info, I am not planning a body upgrade any time soon. (I'll buy a used D3 when they go down to $1000!:smile:) 

  2. Do you plan to expand your use of the 10 pin port? If not, and your current devices work fine with it. I'd leave it.
  3. I'd leave it alone too, unless you're going to use the port for something else. You might get Nikon's opinion on it. Send it off to them and ask for a diagnostic and see what they say.
  4. Chances are Nikon will fix it for free given the responses from many of the Cafe folks here with repair issues. Worth looking into.
  5. Thanks guys -

    Still haven't decided ... I will drop by the APS facility on Monday and try to speak with the technician in person.

    Will keep you posted
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