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D200 vs D50 Need advice!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lexiticus, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Ok this will be a bit of a strange question, But I haven't done a ton of research on the D200 since its always been out of my price range.

    Anyway, Heres my problem.
    Planning on selling my D70s to a friend and then buying a D80 (or so I thought) Since the D200 has dropped in price I might buy a new one Canadian, Since I shoot sports 90% of the time, the Dust sealing and 5 Fps would rock. But I don't know if its worth an extra 500 over the D80 (1039 vs 1589 CAD).

    BUT my real question isn't what the difference between the D80 and D200 is, Its the Difference between the D50 and the D200 in terms of noise. A Big deal breaker for the D70s for me was its nasty noise above ISO 800, I take a lot of low light wide open pictures, For sports + other things, And so a smoother, low luminance noise performing Camera is important to me!

    Now heres where I get confused. The D80 is a recent camera, And from the sample pics I had seen it looked like it performed Great at High ISO's, But from the sample pics of the D200 at say ISO 1600 It looked really grainy! So then I hear the D80 and D200 have the same sensor and perform the same at high ISO's. So Now i'm confused! Can someone clarify this? Will there be any difference in noise between a D80 and D200?

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  3. Oh ya had forgotten about that, I looked at that a few months ago then forgot about it.

    That almost confuses me more, The D80 and D200 are incredibly similar though, so I guess I don't have to worry about that. Thanks for the link!

    This is a tough decision now! I think i'm going to wait a bit before splurging.
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  4. Have you considered a used pro line camera to replace your D70s? For sports and on a budget you could use a D1H. Great low light performance, great color and a digital machine gun spitting out files that fly through your computer. I'd blow away any D80 or D200 IMO. They can be had for about $500.00. If you can spare another $500.00 maybe a D2H. Beware the D2Hs...nothing but hype IMO. Your D50 is Nikon's best low light performer and can be used when needed and as a back up.
  5. I thought about it (A used D2h that is, D1h just seems a bit too old for me) But I kind of want it as my primary camera, And Getting a warranty on it is one of its selling points.

    D50 will still be my extreme low light camera, But I push 800+ sometimes just taking outdoor sports shots, And Indoor is another possibility, So being able to get "consistantly" good 8x12's out of ISO 1600 is kind of what i'm aiming for.
  6. I know the forums like to put down older cameras but truth be known, they are still winners. Look through Pbase at the D1H and D2H pics. Not the ones of over exposed kitties but ones of sporting events taken by photogs that know what they are doing. As for 8X12's, both cameras have no problem with even larger prints. Yes a warranty woud be nice but these cams are built to take a real pounding by pros. I never had a problem with either save a meter replaced by Nikon on the 2H. Done for free btw. The newer plastic cams need protected by warranty.:wink: Only problem...once you experience the snap to focus of the pro line you're hooked forever.
  7. "D2Hs nothing but hype" How so, it is a great low noise performer. By the way I bought mine new for $2500 Canadian... :smile:

    "D2Hs nothing but hype" Darnit! I've bought into the hype I guess :eek: :wink::smile:
  8. The tittle of your post is D200 vs D50 yet inside it is D80 vs D200... Well between the D50 and the D200 the noise is better with the D50, but 5 frames per second and the D200 is a clear winner. Between the D80 and D200 noise is ... well about the same. Is the D200 worth $500 more vs. the D80, yes. For many reasons, the main one for me would be no more program/mode wheel on the D200, that alone is worth more.
  9. Well it is kind of a confusing mindset, Since I like the D50 noise handling soo much, I want the D200 to be close to the same, But its really the D80 and D200 which i'm debating over. But the ergonomics and button layout on the D200 is a huge advantage over the D80. (I went and tested one out today). Overall I think I'll just go for the D200, its not that much more (About 700$ after the extended warranty and tax). I would probably regret it otherwise, And I take my Camera out in some nasty conditions (Dust and sometimes Rain).
  10. Since you held it in your hands and liked the D200 better, the D200 is the right choice. You will not regret it and may learn to like a little noise.

    This said with the right exposure the noise will be quite manageable and you may want to give "Noise Ninja" a try.
  11. By "hype" I mean talk on forums.I bought and sold the D2Hs and found there to be very little difference D2Hs vs 2H. In cam NR on the 2Hs is ok but not stellar IMO. Same or better NR can be preformed with software but to taste. Noise is just Nikon's Achilles heal so better to choose another brand if that's a concern. In prints to 8X10 noise is a non-issue for me.
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