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D2H and the 'Err' fault on first shot (Nikon UK screw up)

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by xrdbear, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. I have posted this in the appropriate DPR thread and is a continuation of the NikonCafe thread at https://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/showthread.php?t=110976

    You may recall my camera was returned to Nikon UK with the 'Err' fault and they sent me an estimate for 231 uk pounds to replace the shutter.

    I have discussed this at length with NPU customer service pointing out the results from the DPReview thread and that my camera has only done 3000 shutter actuations even though it is 2.5 years old.

    They tell me that on switch on and at the first shutter press the camera performs diagnostics. Any error during switch on or shutter operation will result in the 'Err' message. Although it may seem that there is a single fault with all our cameras there may in fact be a number of differing reasons why we get the 'Err' message. Many errors are tiny/trivial and will not prevent successful operation which is why the camera goes on to function perfectly for the rest of the day. They are in fact aware of many professional shooters who are living with the 'Err' message without it ever progressing to a shutter failure. The shutter however is an unservicable unit and if the fault is to be eliminated it can only be replaced as a whole.

    In my particular case they accept that the camera has done *very* little work and were prepared to negotiate on the repair price. We came however to another understanding.

    Early in the camera's life I had the metering system go wild. Huge overexposures which changing lenses, cleaning contacts, changing batteries and resets failed to cure. I knew of the metering issue and sent it in for repair. At the time however they could not replicate the metering failure and sent it back unrepaired. After that the problem never recurred. Anyway the accommodation we have come to is that I will pay for the shutter repair and they will change the metering system even though it is presently not misbehaving. This at least leaves me with a camera that I can have some confidence in.

    Not a perfect result. Not one that helps anyone else I guess but it works for me.
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  2. Brian, I bought my D2h second hand from a Pro photographer who used it as a back up. It came fully boxed in immaculate condition with only 1900 clicks.

    He had already sent it back to Nikon and had the meter replaced under the recall............. (you know what I mean!)........

    To this day, and I've had the camera for a year now, I still occasionally get the Err message when turning the camera on and taking the first shot. After that, it performs flawlessly............ whether I take good photographs with it though, is another matter!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    To be honest, it's never really bothered me.......... and at the price Nikon has quoted you for a repair.......... I don't think it ever will!!!!!!! :eek:  :eek:  :eek: 

  3. Information is power :cool: 
  4. Brian,

    I replied to the other thread, then looked at this one. Ah well...

    Anyway, your explanation of "many problems/one fix" clears up some
    Questions for me.

    No, I haven't heard back from Nikon yet. But, For that money, I'll probably tell them to send it back, I'll live with it. Adjust the focus and give it a good clean-up and I'll be happy. I'll put the $$$ towards some better glass!

    Best of luck on yours, RRRRRR
  5. Well all I can say is don't trust Nikon UK.

    Despite their promises the camera has been returned to me without the meter having been replaced. I would not have agreed to the shutter repair if it had not been for this deal so Nikon have effectively defrauded me of £230 pounds. I am not happy.

    I have called them this morning and they have no record of the agreement to do the extra meter job but they do seem to have a record of me agreeing to have the shutter repaired during the same conversation. A bit selective wouldn't you say?

    I'll let you know what happens when they call me back but if I have to parcel it up and send it off again, together with the 20 mile round trip to the post office, insurance and everything, I shall not be a happy bunny :mad: 
  6. In case there is a chance anyone is folowing this saga here is the latest twist.
    Nikon have looked at their records and determined that when I sent my camera in for the meter fault back in 2005 and subsequently returned it 'no fault found' but working they did not tell me the truth.

    It seems they did replace the meter. Presumably this was before the service advisory was made public and they didn't want to admit to anything.

    I'm seriously not impressed and have said so. I'm waiting to see if they will now give me some sort of refund on the price I have paid for this shutter repair.
  7. I've not had much dealings with Nikon UK directly (apart from a scanner repair under guarantee and their failure to register me for the NPU scheme) but this story sounds just like the type of story I hear from a pro I know. It's as if Nikon UK don't care about customers.

    Keep us posted on how you get on.

  8. I also get an "err" message occasionally. I am not too worried about it because it happens so infrequently. When/if it really breaks, its off to Nikon to have it serviced. To date, the meter has performed flawlessly. The camera has a very late serial number of 204xxxx and nikon may have started "updating" the meter on later cameras. Who knows for sure. I guess time will tell. As for now, this is by far the best camera I have ever owned. I am also looking for a D2x to complement it.
  9. Final update. After calling them yet again (they failed to call me as agreed) Nikon's final offer is 20% ($80) refund on the cost of having the shutter repaired. I have accepted but it all leaves me feeling rather disappointed in Nikon.

    Firstly that they seem not to be to concerned or sorry about a shutter on a professional camera that cannot last 3000 operations ( That's 6 minutes on continuous high).

    Secondly that they don't tell the truth on their repair schedules, can I ever trust their word again?

    Thirdly that they cannot be bothered to call me back when promised.

    On the whole I expect rather more of a company I've spent $20000 with.
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