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D2X, 70-200mm, and battery issue

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by icetraxx, May 28, 2005.

  1. icetraxx


    May 7, 2005
    I shot a dance recital and rehearsal over the past 2 days and noticed that when the battery on the D2X on the battery life meter reached 50% to 65% the autofocus was slower. I was not useing VR either. Has any one else noticed this?

    I know that they just came out with a newer version of the battery. Has anyone compaired the 2 or noticed better performance with the newer version?
  2. Ice,
    Yesterday I shot ~ 240 images on my D70 using a 70-200VR and my battery meter still showed full. No loss in autofocus.

    I thought the VR might use a lot more juice but I didn't notice any difference.

    I am considering upgrading to the new A battery.
    Doesn't the D2X already come with the A battery?. Or is there a new uptown version?
  3. icetraxx


    May 7, 2005
    I think that I might have misunderstood an article that I read about a month ago because I cannot find anything other than than the EN-EL4 at B&H photo.

    When I noticed that the AF was slower I had already shot close to 750 pictures. I was also reviewing images after about every 6 or 30 shots.

    Maybe I have too high expectations about the power consumption. Which is why I carry 2 batteries.

    I might be being a little anal about it. The AF speed was not dramatically slower, but noticable when tracking and changing focus points on different dancers in different areas of the stage.
  4. VR doesn't change things much for me.

    I've never noticed much VR consumption difference.
    If I get 1000 shots or 90% of a thousand shots how would I notice.
    I may be a type-A at work but with a camera around my neck I'm at my least anal retentive.

    With my D100 I had 3 batteries.

    And with My D2h...now D2X two batteries get me 0.005 million shots without recharging. That's been sufficient thus far!
  5. oops, meant 0.002 million, don't wanna' be accused of exaggerating. :oops: 
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