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  1. Well I gave the (new to me) D2x a workout at a dog agility show today and gave the D2h a rest. I just looked at the pictures and they seem a bit soft compared to what I was getting from the D2h. I was using both regular and HSC modes. Does the D2x, in HSC mode, become more suceptible to vibrations? I always use a monopod with the D2h and did the same with the D2x. If I don't need the 8fps, would I be better off shooting regular (12.4MP mode) and then cropping the images? Any input would be helpful.
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    There is no difference in image quality between using HSC mode and cropping that same area out of a normal D2X frame. HSC mode gives a higher frame rate, and smaller file sizes. You will have to enlarge this smaller HSC file or the D2X crop the same amount for a given size print, assuming the shots are taken at the same focal length and equal distance.
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  4. The tolerance for vibration/movement on a 4 mp body is going to be different for a 12 mp body - the d2x will not be as forgiving and will require more care to get sharp images.

  5. Bruce, thanks for that link. It kinda made it easy to understand. As far as the more megapixels making it harder to get a sharp shot, I guess I will just have to practice. Yesterday was the first time I used the D2x and I did like it alot. I also liked the fact that I could go between HSC and normal resolution just by hitting the function button and the main command dial. I made sure it was set that way before I started to shoot. I was wondering how much use the D2h will get now that I have the D2x. My thought is that I will still use it quite a bit when I don't feel like messing with these huge files. Only time will tell for sure though.
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