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D2x envy

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by CraigH., Mar 5, 2005.

  1. CraigH.


    Feb 1, 2005
    Northen NJ
    It seems like everybody has got one. I won't be be able to get one anytime soon :(  .
    Are owners well off or did they just wip out their credit card in a moment of insanity from d2x lust?
  2. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    I sold my D2H and a bnch of used Nikon lenses on ebay which I purchased locally. there is a great market for decentused lenses if you can hunt them down!

  3. Hi Craig,

    In my case, I bought the X because I have been thinking about going to Nikon since this camera was announced. I had an S2 and I figured if I was to go Nikon, that I might as well buy the X. Thank goodness half of it is already paid so it's like as if I bought the S3 but a better camera out of the deal.

    Don't worry Craig, one day you will have one too but to answer your thought, I don't think many of our members bought the X. It just seems that way because of a lot of excitement going on.

  4. I don't, and I won't. It's out of my price range. My next camera will be a d200 or a d80, and I hope Nikon
    takes their time introducing either of them, because I'm still having a blast with my d70. It's not holding
    me back at all... in fact, it's dragging me forward. :) 
  5. Sadly I dont have mine yet either Craig, but I feel like I already know the camera very well as I have read and referred to the manual many times now in the past week.

    I have a D70 also and I really love it, but back in November I made the mistake (or was fortunate enough depending on your POV) to pick up a D2h and look through the viewfinder.

    I was stunned and immediately in lust with the great feel and huge viewfinder. WOW! I couldn't stop thinkiing about it for weeks. I came SO close to buying one it was sic. Anyway, my plan from that point on was to wait for the D2x as I knew it was the same body but had the delicious 12.8 MP size images, 8fps, time-lapse, high speed bracketing, and a host of other savory features.

    So I sit here hooked on a camera that has not shown up yet waiting for the phone to ring. Sigh.
  6. well I'm an idiot I guess but...

    I got my name on the list last May at my local camera store, and have been saving up for it. I have also sold some equipment to make up for parts of the purchase.

    What I'm really looking for is more detail when it comes to landscapes and more crop room for birds. Sofar it is looking pretty good, it is pretty glass dependent though can't do that well with the simpler lenses...


  7. Well off? Not me but I did manage to get a 200-400VR and a D2X recently. I worked my butt of for it though, lots of OT at the job but I had a goal. I am sure glad I had the opportunity to work extra, Pharmacists are in short supply around NY so it was possible to make the extra cash for mad money. I managed to get a 500 AF-S the same way a couple years ago.

    Now, I need some time of to use it but now the shortage of staff is working against me! Still I will have time soon and for now I am learning to use it as much as I can. I had the D100 for 2.5 years and almost all the photos on my website were taken with it except for some of the older shots with the F100. I think learning the art of Photography is most important first, then the more pro cameras can be purchased later. In my case I am very happy with what I accomplished with my D100, some workshops with my guru and lots of practice. Now with the D2x the fun may just reach a new level, we will see but I have to say I am optimistic for sure. :) 
  8. Well Graig, I have done my math and it's NOT good... :evil:

    I believed my dealer who told me that I could have it by the end of the year (2004 that was) but...
    So I kinda spent the money (the fool) in other stuff and I will have to wait for a refill of my photo-savings-account for at least six months... :cry: 

    Till then, I'm all dripping & drooling with what I see and darn the day(s) I spent my monye on ...non photo equipment... :twisted:
  9. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    I'm sure one day the D2x will be in my hands, but I really think that time is years away. I'm doing a big move this summer, so that will cut in to my fun/extra money and once the move is over I really need to spend money on my golf toys.
  10. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    I bought mine fjust or the frequent flyer miles ;) 

    Seriously, I got 5,075 FF miles by purchasing my 2X on my American AAdvantage MC. No other logical or sound reason I can think of! :oops: 
  11. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Guest

    My purchase was planned the day I heard about it. No doubt from that day till it arrived last week. Was going to sell the D1x and use the D2H and D2x but have not got the heart to sell the D1X so it goes on the shelf with the rest of the loved but neglected gear. :cry: 
  12. billT

    billT Guest

    HI Craig,

    I don't think I am well off to own a D2X, but I have little resistance for new gadgets. I hope you will get yours soon; it is a very good machine. When I got the D2H I say VOW, little did I realize that Nikon can come out with a better machine one.

  13. Don't worry Craig, there's still some of us who will probably never buy a D2X...as much as we may pretend to ourselves that we might ;-) Actually I could probably afford it--I think I'm getting a big bonus soon-- but I'm not seriously tempted. For me the larger issue is weight/bulk. I don't need or even want that kind of pro-camera. And also, I am not keen on having to worry about such expensive gear with the type of travelling I do. It draws too much attention. Not to say I don't dream of such a wonderful camera...I just think its the kind of purchase I'll make when I am retired and my lifestyle is a little different.

    Meantime I am sure my next purchase will be the D100 replacement, whatever that turns out to be. Just hope Nikon hurries up with it ;-)
  14. NeilCam


    Feb 21, 2005
    Ottawa, Ontario
    You're not alone Craig. I'll probably never own a D2X as I doubt I'll ever be able to afford it. As it is now each camera gear purchase is a carefully budgetted decision following months of lust. Well mostly, sometimes the budget is ignored because the lust overcame it. (Un)Fortunately, the D2X is unlikely to fit within the budget no matter how strong the lust is!

    The other thing is that I think my photographic skills are way too mediocre to justify upgrading from the D100 yet. The other kicker is we also have a D70, but my wife guards that ferociously. :D 

    A D2H or D100-replacement will probably be next body purchase, but that also is way off in the future at the present time. There's too many other things on the wish list at the moment (CF tripod, ball head, TC, long/faster glass, SB800, more CF cards, digital wallet of some kind, bigger better monitor, etc, etc, etc).

    I wish all those who have gotten or are getting the D2X the best of luck and long may they have fun and profit from it - no matter how they afforded it.

  15. CraigH.


    Feb 1, 2005
    Northen NJ
    Lots of different povs. I will get on without. "like i have a choice lol". I do lust for more detail and rez. hoping the d200 is a d2x light. no crop but ability to shoot Raw at lower rez if needed. 5fps is perfect.
    thanx for sharing all. :) 
  16. Iliah


    Jan 29, 2005
    I bought D2x because I need it for work.

    Digital cameras are "work in progress". Whatever canera we will buy, it will cost 10% of it's initial price in 5 years (that is an optimistic estimation) - not because it will stop taking exellent photos, but just because it's consumer electronics.

    Consider a good film canera, or use it more if you already have one :) 
  17. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  18. Re: I bought mine fjust or the frequent flyer miles ;) 


    I am so jeolous...I didn't have a 5000.00 credit limit on my AA MC so I had to use another one. I even have AMEX but they would not allow me to spend that amount on my card because of my spending pattern and I'm an American Express Platinum member. Shame on them!!! So I got no miles for mine but I did get the X and that is what was important to me.

  19. Hi Janet

    Never say never Janet. you never know...When the price comes down, you and many others will jump on it and even if the price comes down, I won't regret paying the money I did because it is a honey of a camera.

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