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Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Gerald Plowman, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Well, my brand spanking new camera has a problem focusing with 3 different lens. Doesn't do to bad on the 80-200 VR until it gets over 300mm and then hunts and won't find focus. Does the same thing but not as bad with the 12-24 and the 18-200 (both 3rd party lens).
    Called retailer (B&H) and they directed me to Nikon tech support. The Nikon Support Group is very good BTW. They concluded I have a faulty camera.
    So, anyone else run into this with the X?
    What can I expect from B&H (camera arrived yesterday)?
    I will ask their Customer Service in the morning (closed now) to overnight me another X and I will send this one to them. Is that reasonable after also buying with this same order a 200-400 VR?
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    Check whether your problems persist after you remove any filter from the lens.
  3. Filters? All 3 lens used have protective, clear glass on them. All 3 work perfectly well with the D50 and have for months. Not sure I understand your suggestion?
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    Filters are known to be able to cause focusing issues. That's why I asked. Most people don't suspect filters can do anything wrong but they sure might cause a lot of trouble.
  5. Yes, exactly! I had a filter that caused this problem. It was actually distorted...