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D2X questions.

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by GaryW, May 20, 2005.

  1. GaryW

    GaryW Guest

    I have always been a "prosumer" kind of guy... wanting the good Nikon camera, but not wanting to put out the big bucks for the top of the line. My last 4 cameras have been the N70, N80, D100, and the Fuji S3 Pro.

    However, the D2X is calling my name (whispering gently in my ear, "hey, big boy, don't you want to try me out to see if we're compatible?"). I cry out, "YES, YES, TAKE ME".

    Then, my analytical mind takes over and asks a lot of questions that I must answer. Hopefully, you can help me with some of them.

    1) Is there really a focus problem? I have a rather substantial astigmatism in my eye, and cannot trust any view through the viewfinder.

    2) When shooting RAW with a CF card, how many pictures can you get on a 512mb card?

    3) When shooting RAW to a CF card, how long does it take to record the shot on the CF card? Is the buffer large enough to hold 4 or 5 shots?

    4) If I have a 12.4 mp camera shooting RAW (D2X), how long does it take to upload to Photoshop? It would seem to be forever based on my 6mp D100 (I have a PowerMac G5 duelie).

    **** Can you tell that I like to shoot RAW? ******

    5) Are there any hints of a price reduction or a new model coming out within the next 12 months?

    Thanks for any advice and any selling points for step 2: Convincing my wife.

  2. GaryW

    GaryW Guest

    Oh, I had one more question.

    Does Chris101 change Avatars every hour on the hour?
  3. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    As a D2X owner for all of 24 hours now, let me have a crack at responding:

    1. Some bodies have definitely had problems. It appears that others that had focus issues were actually having problems adapting to this quite demanding camera (this I can believe).

    2. You probably don't want to use 512 MB cards. Approx 25 or so.

    3. If you have a fast card (I'm using Sandisk Ultra) not long at all. The buffer will easily handle that.

    4. Depends on your connection. With USB 2.0 I can transfer 1 GB in under 2 minutes using a card reader.

    5. There are always new models coming out. I think it is highly likely that Nikon will produce a 'D200' to bridge the gap between the D70s and D2X/D2Hs. If you are always waiting, you'll never get in the game.

    6. It's always easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission :) 
  4. mcampos


    Apr 14, 2005
    Norwalk, CA

    In your opinion, why is the D2X so much more "demanding" when it comes to autofocus than the D2H to make so many people have "problems" with it?

    I am at a loss to understand why pointing both cameras at the same subject with the same settings can produce such different results, but maybe I am missing something. I also think that if this is a fact Nikon should have mentioned it in their manual.

    I am not questioning your opinion just looking for feedback. I am still trying to figure out if mine has a problem because most of my shots are soft.
  5. GaryW

    GaryW Guest

    Thanks for the feedback, John.

    I think I am going to wait until the focus issue is long time solved. Your statement that some D2X's have a problem, and reinforced by Mike's reply, has scared me away for now. If I spend $5,000 for a body, I don't want any problems at all.

    Thanks again.
  6. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Why wait? Remember the D2H's release?.....

    No one had problems for a long time, then later on, several metering boards failed, along with shutter assemblies. Mine had both of these problems.
    The few D2X's with focus problems you hear about here, are but a tiny fraction of the D2X's sold worldwide. Yes, you'd be taking a chance, but that also applies to every single camera ever sold. Life's WAY too short to wait!
  7. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    lol, "...should have mentioned it in their manual.&quo

    Let me first say, I really empathize with you focusing problem, and I'm not trying to make light of that at all, but the way you said: "...should have mentioned it in their manual", struck me as very funny. Like it should say: "Caution, for advanced user's only."
    Have you tried manually focusing your camera, Mike? Are you then still getting soft images?
  8. mcampos


    Apr 14, 2005
    Norwalk, CA

    Yes, I think that sounded pretty ridiculous "Only buy the camera if you are over 21!"

    I guess what catches my eye is every time I hear someone say more or less "Don't expect to use this camera like the D2H and get good results"

    Here is something even funnier. I put the camera on a tripod and pointed it to a wall with a pretty pronounced pattern. First I used autofocus and then manual focus. The difference in distance on the scale was maybe a foot and I made sure the image on the viewfinder was tack sharp when I used manual focus.

    The results? The manually focused image was significantly more out of focus than the one shot with autofocus, although neither was sharp.

    I have to try the same test with the D2H.

    And Gary, I would still buy the camera, I trust Nikon will make right any problems that some of them may have. I have had nothing but good experiences with Nikon's service.
  9. I don't think it silly at all to have rather high expectations from a $5000 camera, regardless of one's experience or skill.

    There IS a difference between the D2X and lower MP DSLRs when it comes to capturing sharp images. 1:1, full res viewing of a D2X image is a view of pixels that are physically closer together on the sensor. This means less vibration or camera movement is required to blur the image.

    I just altered the shutter speed/focal length rules of thumb and problem solved.

    And the D2X does have focusing issues. I am on my 2nd camera. Nikon took one shot at calibrating focus on the first, messed that up, then replaced it (though I think because they damaged the first, not because they are unable to calibrate these cameras, but who knows).

    All that said, I am pleased as punch with mine. I will really enjoy trying to wear this thing out over the next few years.
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