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D2x setting since firmware update

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by D. L. Miller, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. There are so many articles and opinions on what settings to use with a D2x, including the sticky setting in this topic. My concern is regarding settings since the firmware update.

    My question is: Since updating their D2x, has anyone made a major change in their settings, i.e. for motion and flight shots. Lock On or Lock Off, what focus pattern etc.

    I might be jumping to an assumption; anything posted regarding settings before the update might not be relevant. Or is the firmware update not that significant of an influence on what one might use for menu settings regarding their D2x?

    Thanks for any reply

  2. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA

    No changes in settings, but rather increased performance at various settings. AF-C single area and single area dynamic now work considerably better than they did previously. The camera now has lees tendency to grab backgrounds rather than the intended target as well. :) 
  3. Jim,

    Thanks for the reply. You were one of the people I was hoping would respond. I lost your e-mail

    I don't have my camera, I am at work, and I think it is 4c in the menu regarding focus locking. I remember when we first got our cameras everyone turned that feature off. Have you changed your opinion. Lock On or Lock Off when taking flight or action shots?

  4. I myself have found that the high ISO takes much better pictures with less noise than before. I am quite happy about that because I like to sometimes take pictures with high ISO.
  5. Dan, I for one have changed that to lock on now after the firmware and it is working quite well, as Jim has aluded to in the two modes.
  6. I was late in updating my firmware and haven't really had a chance to verify the focusing performance since. But tomorrow I plan on going out and one of the things I hope to check is if it's better tracking flying birds when the scene hits a busy background.

    The settings Jim mentions are the ones I primarily use as well for tracking birds in flight.
  7. Kevin,
    Please tell me your findings. It has been so cold and too much snow to find any birds flying around to test flight shots.
    I do agree with Jim. (how can you not..., he is one of the best)
    I knew he had been a "No Lock" person and I thought he switched like Dave, to be a "Lock On" person. I will be waiting with great interest to see what you discover.

  8. Melissa,

    I too found the HI-ISO is much better.

    If you tend to use "in camera sharpening", turn it to NONE with HI-ISO and it is even better.

    With a little post Cs2, I have been quite happy with the few Hi res shots I take. Before the update they were almost useless.

  9. I agree with you Dan...I found them not to be anything worth printing. I am hoping that more firmware will get the hi ISO's to look like 100 ISO...lol...lol
  10. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    a4 notes

    I still leave it OFF in open sky shooting. I have tried it in scenarios where my subject could possibly fly in front of a distatnt background (more distant than the subject at least) and in those instances, it does now seem to be working.

    Mostly, I leave it off.
  11. a4 Notes


    Thanks for your reply. When the D2x first came out, almost everyone said leave it off all the time. The fact it works for some situation gives me hope that it is not a wasted feature, and one day I might learn to take advantage of it.

    For now I am going to leave it off in open sky but try to determine how it works with a contrast background. At least there are some situation you have found it to work and this gives me the drive to keep trying.

    Thanks again

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