D2x test-page is up

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Ron Reznick, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. The page is linked from the Web Gallery:


    I did several comparisons of the D2h and D2x, plus various tests of the D2x by itself. Lots of work... I hope you find this worth the time it takes to examine it. I've put up some fairly large images and composites, many of which contain 1:1 (100%) crops. Here is an example of a native ISO composite, where the D2x image was resized to match the crop of the D2h:


  2. Excellent work Ron.

    What is missing from the new information is what you think?
    Did you like the D2x?
    What didn't you like?
    Initially, what are your thoughts and conclusions?
  3. Thanx for doing this Ron - fantastic work and it is mucho appreciated. Some of them are very telling. I never though the NR was so much more dramatic in jpeg than it is in RAW.
  4. Hi Brian,

    I didn't want to draw conclusions in that page -- I wanted to present information and allow folks to draw their own. I've just done a bunch of color analysis/modifications to create a repeatable method of correcting for the character of the D2x color tonight. Take a look and tell me what you think...

  5. Hi Todd,

    Nikon applies NR in-camera to JPGs, as they figure folks shooting JPGs don't have time (or a desire) to process. The don't apply it in RAW as they figure that folks shooting RAW want to retain control over the image (they can use Capture's NR, or a third party app or plugin, and get far better results than what could be applied in-camera via the ASIC).

  6. So this is totally separate from the High ISO Noise Reduction custom setting and not user controllable?
  7. It's the High-ISO setting in-camera -- it applies to JPGs but not RAW (probably TIFs too, but why anyone would shoot TIFs is beyond me).

  8. Do you mean High-ISO NR I can or cannot control? I can't find anything in the manual about JPEG vs. NEF specific NR that is or is not user controllable. Am I missing something?
  9. Todd, the High-ISO NR, as shown on the page, applies to JPGs but does not apply to the NEFs.

  10. Hey Ron,

    On your D2X page you show images modified using Chroma, Hue and Color Lightness modifications. I'm wondering if your conclusion was/is that each file will need these modifications on a file-to-file basis or if you are finding that there are universal settings that will bring out the saturations and brightness, much like the sharpening settings you recommend.

  11. Joe, I just started working with this and need to test with a number of different sorts of shots, but it will be a .set file (or possibly a few for different situations). Let me have some time to work on this. I have had the camera out once in the five days I've had it.

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