D2x Unforgiving

Aug 13, 2005
Elf_8 said:
Robin Casady said:
Steps are caused by there being too few numeric values to represent tone values. Underexposing is just one way to get there.

If you increase the tonal values that can be recorded, and then compress them into a small bit depth, I think you may get steps at some point.
Interesting. Is this an effect that can be noticed with the Fuji S3 files ?
I have no experience with the S3. Also, I don't know what DR would be beyond the capabilities of a 16 bit image. It would also depend on how much one would want to stretch a particular range within the total DR.

Someone else will have to do the math.
Jan 25, 2005
North Carolina, USA
Iliah said:
Well well well.... What will happen with more DR? Truncation, compression? How much DR media has? 7 stops max, probably...
I agree with Iliah's thoughts here. If we have more DR in the image data, but no way to present it with existing media, what good is it? With current media technology, won't we still have to compress the DR somehow?

It seems like the point here may be that we want the camera to capture more DR so that we can post-process it to a given range that we choose through gamma changes and other methods... in other words give me all the data, then I will choose whether to show more highlight or shadow detail when I process the photo. I'm just not sure how much I'm willing to spend for this. When the price comes down, we'll see.

I concede that there are advantages to having the camera do this in a single shot that can be post-processed as needed, but in the meantime I'll keep plodding along with what we've got.
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