D2x vs. D70

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  1. I thought this was kind of an interesting comparison shot...


  2. very cool - quite a size difference. I ordered an L-bracket from RRS last week- won't be here until the 15th, but hopefully that will be AFTER I get the D2x and not before. I have a Kirk on my D70 like yours.

    What eye cup is that on the D70? Is it the #2939 one without a model number? Is the one on the D2x the DK-19?
  3. GOOD GRIEF!! That D2X IS HUUUUUUGE!!! I guess there are always advantages and disadvantages with the D2X........seems like one disadvantage would be size & weight. Is it heavy?

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  4. The L Bracket on the D2x is from Kirk Photo. When I ordered, it was in stock and shipped the same day. The L bracket is the same used on the D2H.
  5. For the D2x, see: https://www.nikoncafe.com//forums/viewtopic.php?t=956

    As for the D70 eyecup, I can't find the part number, but I ordered from this guy on eBay.

    If you search Nikon D70 eycup on ebay, you'll find all kind of results. Make sure you don't order one of the OEM ones or you'll end up with what came on the camera.
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  6. Can you send me (or post) the full size images of these 2 shots?

    JPEG is fine

  7. OMG!!!! I KNEW there was a good reason not to buy this beast! I will keep this photo handy every time I get tempted ;-) ;-) My back hurts just looking at it.
  8. The D2X is the D70 on JUICE!!! :lol:
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