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D2xtasy Picture - comments please.

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Catz, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Finally the weather has taken a different turn and I was able to get outside to use the highcrop feature and I wanted to share this picture with everyone. I chose this picture because of the ball in the air. There is no any other camera that I know can this except for Nikons. But then again, I have only own the S2 and the D2X so I''m sure I am wrong about this statement.

    The only post processing I did to it was crop and re size for the web. I think it looks a little dark. What's everyone opinion?

    Comments and critiques welcome anytime. I'm here to learn and share and help too :) 

    I just feel this camera rocks and rocks! Also, much thanks go out to Joe Colson for his help and for this script. I love it because it gives info about the camera without having to look for it.

    Thanks everyone :) 

    UPDATE!!! I fixed the picture and lighten it using PS with advice from some members. Thank you for the suggestions. Appreciate them and let me know if what I did is correct.

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    Corrected image
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  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Nice shot, but you are right, it is a little dark. The metering system was probably trying to hold that very bright sky (and did so well....;-)).

    What us birdie shooters have learned is that you sometimes have to just blow the sky to get the rest of the shot exposed correctly. Other than trying to track fast, irregularly moving objects, that's probably the hardest thing to learn about shooting flying birds. You get to the point where you learn to compensate though.

    You're certainly off to a good start. Can't wait to see more. :) 

  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Good shot with that ball.

    A bit of selective S/H will bring that up for you in the forground. Isn't thier a fill flash in PS.. Gee you good with PS.

  4. Good going Catz. Nice shot!! :)  :)  :)  :) 
  5. Melissa,

    Well done.

    What do you mean by your statement above ?
  6. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA

    I agree with Frank that the bright sky is what caused your underexposure.

    Have you read Ron Reznick book? I would strongly suggest purchasing a copy. It's tough to get through without asking lots of questions or attending one of his seminars (I'll bet we could answer most of them for ya), but you'll learn more than you'll ever learn on your own buy studying it.

    In matrix metering, you would definitely have needed to add +EV compensation in order to light the rest of the scene correctly. The sky would have blown, but sometimes you've got to live with what your camera can and can't handle. Unfortunately...in 2005 anyway, dynamic range only goes so far.
  7. Hey good to see you strutting your D2X stuff. The boys shooting hoops in the street is what its all about.
  8. for Jay


    I meant that I am unaware of any other camera brands that can high speed crop other than Nikons or I may be unaware of others. Does this make more sense. I'm not too good with words when writing. Sorry but hope this helps.
  9. Iliah


    Jan 29, 2005
    I think in low iso situations it may be that d2x allows underexposure. One of the limiting factors will be lens flare.
  10. I thinkt the problem you are experiencing here is even more basic than metering.

    In a prior post you wrote this:

    Contrast - highest
    Sharpening - highest
    Color Mode - RGB

    Having Contrast on highest and sharpening on highest is most likely creating some of the problems you are experiencing with this shot directly from the camera. Try contrast: LOW and sharpening: None and apply a USM in PS CS 75-100,0.3,0-1 or 66,5,4 in Capture.

    Jim is correct about his recommendation of the Reznick book. EV adjustment was probably also necessary here as the sky appears to be blown. http://www.digital-images.net/eBook/ebook.html
  11. For Jim

    Hi Jim,

    I did purchase Ron's e-book and I only started reading it when the X arrived so I have been reading the X manual slowly. I will get back to Ron's book when I finish the manual and definitely before I correct any NEF files but hopefully with the CS2 coming out, Adobe will include the X with their Raw Converter and there is also the option of using PS to correct like I did here.

    BTW, how large are those tiffs? I shot 15 of them today and it took what seemed like forever to download them :? It could be that I was using a Microdrive card but I downloaded them once using PSE and once with Nikon Transfer and both took about the same time. So that is when I said it will be jpgs when transferring many of them at one time.
  12. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    I think that you are very good with words. :wink:

  13. Thanks Frank :) 
  14. Hi Gordon,

    Yeah, basketball is a true test using the HSC.

    Thanks for the comments :) 
  15. Hi Bravocharlie,

    Thanks for the advice. I will change the settings on the contrast and sharpening and see what happens. I will have another chance tomorrow because even warmer weather will be here. Yeah!!! and since my sons are off for spring break, they will out playing basketball again tomorrow.

    I will also take your advice on the USM settings. Thank you so much again for the help. Appreciated.

    PS...Please see my post above to Jim Fenton about Ron's book.
  16. For Iliah

    I know. I am on this kick with 100 iso so the pictures are the best without having to use a noise reduction program.

    I agree with bravocharlie that I could have used EV too on this picture and as I am writing this, I am thinking of other ideas and thought of a few including auto ISO or bracketing...I am still learning from my mistakes and everyone heres advice, and with summer on its way, I am ready to get out of this house and shoot so much, I won't have no more ram on my computer left :lol:

    Thanks again Iliah,
  17. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA

    I don't know of anyone who shoots TIFFS right out of the camera...those files are enormous!

    I always (almost) shoot RAW ~JPEG. I use the JPEG's for selecion purposes only...process the appropriate NEF (litterally takes me less than 3 minutes each) and save as TIFF for post processing in PSCS. Once in a great while I might save a JPEG out of NC.

    Geez...I think some of those TIFF files must be 60+ MB!
  18. Re: Mellisa..

    Good grief Jim, 60 MB. No wonder if took forever to long to download and to transfer them. Thanks for hte info.
  19. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Melissa :

    With respect, I think that looking over Ron's book will help more at this stage than you realise. The issues with exposure, as well as adjusting various settings are covered in his book, even if it's not written for the D2X as such.

    It would also ease you into shooting NEF/RAW files very nicely. Before Sensei Ron's training, I shot mostly JPEGs, but I made a very rapid change when I saw what NEF files would do for my work. The adjustments in Capture or PS-CS are much easier and better in NEF than TIFF.

    I'd say my photography jumped up several rungs on the ladder just by using Ron's approach for NEFs, holding aside the other rather large improvements I gained from his book and course. And I'd say with some truth that I'm not one of his most brilliant students ! :D  Dogged, maybe...

    John P.
  20. Hi John,

    Thanks for the advice. You have convinced me, I will read more of Ron's book.

    I have a question for you. On Ron's site, he has an upgrade to his e-book for 25.00. I'm not sure this was included on the version I have. How do I tell?

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