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D3 + 300/4 + 1.4 TC + 36MM Tube

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Randy, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. just got the tubes and went out in the BY for some testing.
    AF is a problem as it is very jumpy (in and out)...I will probably start MFing

    These are shot handheld in MP 1/640, f10, auto iso (some iso > 2500) minor cropping since i was so close.

    Overall 1st impression: for $169 (and free ship at b&h) it got me alot closer and IQ seems to hold up fine. I've only tried 1 tube (the biggest) and even with the 300 & TC it was sturdy enough (I still held the lens with left hand for support). Alot more testing will be necessary and I'm ready.






  2. The last one rocks!
  3. thanks...
    i'm not crazy about any of them but compositionally only...
    damn mosquitos are so bad in my yard i couldn't stat out long enough to try more bees on flowers
    I think I'll go to the botanical gardens in the AM and give this setup a real world test
  4. I agree that the last one is the best. The bokehs are outstanding. I have tried similar experimenting with tubes and find them to be very useful by reducing the minimum lens to subject distance.
  5. Randy,

    Wonderful shots. I just purchased some tubes from a fellow member here (which should arrive this week)......if I can get close to your results in IQ I'll be thrilled.

    Thanks for posting these.

  6. this is me

    this is me

    Feb 10, 2007
    I'm eager to see what you can do with this combo when you use it right with your tripod.
    This is my other option in my quest for a long-range macro/semi-macro lens on fx.
  7. Great shots Randy. Could you give an impression on the subject distance?
  8. An awesome set Randy, but the last shot is tops. As you are obviously doing, I'm loving my D3.
  9. thx Kees

    still several feet away, maybe 4 if i had to guess....
    i'd say approx 1/2 the distance closer than w/o the tube
  10. thx Louie
    the d3 is frankly ridiiculous the way it can take a crop at iso2500 and not show noise...it's made for this stuff....
    if it wasn't for my disapointment w/ the d300 at iso-s over 1200 i would have stayed w/ the d300 for marco-s and not needed the tubes or the 300/4 + TC (of course I already had them)
  11. Randy,
    those are text book sharp! Excellent work, its just downright spooky. How does he do it folks?
    Kevin P.
  12. i will try the tripod next week but i don't think i could use it alot....i like to walk the gardens and hunt for stuff and not sit and wait but i am curious to try it....i'll prob try the 'mirror up mode' since i don't have a remote cable yet
  13. thx Kevin
  14. thx...the 300/4 even at f10 does a nice job on the BG

    thx Ted...I may try them on other lenses and not for macros but just to get closer....like when I do headshots at a soccer game or team shots
  15. spoot


    Aug 29, 2007
    Nice Randy! I like the butterfly one a lot. Looks like you have a bit of dust, see the bottom left of a couple of the pics.
  16. thx Newt
    & th for seeing that little bunny...time for the rocket blower...i don't use the d3 that much so that is my 1st bunny...glad u caught it
  17. Thanks for posting your samples Randy. They look like they could have come from my deck!
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