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D3: Buffer rate is slow!!

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by mongoose777, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. It appears that after firing around 8 to 10 shots, the buffer in the camera appears to be full and struggling to take in more shots.
    Ex. When football team first comes out, I can only get a few players coming towards me and can only then get just a few shots (maybe 4+ shots) of cheerleaders because the buffer is apparently full and/or the card is still writing.
    I already checked the max (130) allowed for the buffer. I must be missing something or the cards I'm using are just too slow, although I did use the sandisk III on the MK III with no problems. I am new to Nikon and could very well be missing something here. I can expect that kind of performance while using tiff or raw files, but I only use just jpeg files from fine to normal size.
    I've had the MKIII and noticed that the buffer rate of canon's is by far much better, but wondered if I am doing something wrong. I tried to turn off the D-Active lighting and high ISO noise filter and nothing seems to change. I do however use the sandisk extreme III 16gig & Ridata 16gig 233x cards, but either one is just as slow as the other. I have already heard about the $400/500 upgrade, but not interested in spending more money.
    Any comments or solutions.
  2. Nikon now offer a buffer upgrade for $300.
  3. i rarely burst but when i do it seems like i burst as long as i want w/o a backup so there must be something wrong if
    4-5 is all u can get....sorry i can't be of any help
  4. I don't think he needs the buffer upgrade.

    I would suggest trying a Sandisk IV card to see if there is any difference first. The D300 and D3 take advantage of the UDMA on the Sandisk IV cards.

    Also you could be using an older Extreme III card, check Rob Galbraith's write speed on the various cards.
    Since you said you were using Sandisk III 16GB writes at 7.34 MB/sec.

    Also do you have any ISO Noise reduction on as it does limit the buffer.
  5. i use a way slower transcend card so i don't think it's the card
  6. Got to be settings then.

    Anyway you can get us a full list of settings you are using?
  7. The sandisk extreme III says on the card that its a 30mb per sec transfere rate.
    What full settings would you be looking for?
    I feel its somewhere in the settings as well, but which ones is beyond me so far.
    I did turn off the high noise filter & D-Active.
    Not sure what else to do.
  8. when something like this (unexplainable) happens to me I usually end up resetting everything and starting from there
  9. I agree,
    thats probably the best thing.
  10. The Sandisk says 30mb/s but that is normally while transferring from Card to computer using a CF reader. Not by camera. The RG comparisons are a good benchmark.

    As for the settings you have told me the important ones. But like I said before, test out another card, also you didn't happen to get the CF card on EBAY? There are a lot of fakes on there, especially the Sandisks.
  11. Another setting that may slow this down is the review setting. Sorry i dont have the exact name right now. Its the setting that turns the lcd on after each shot to review it. Other than this i agree with the others. It may be time to start from sqaure 1 again.
  12. I know for sure its not a fake, but my 8gig III definitely is. I did read about the info on RG and noticed the card was ranked up there, so it appears that the problem could be somewhere else. I always have the LCD turned off. My other card is a Ridata 16gig 233x, which I found is poorly rated and I will take it back to fry's for something faster.
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