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D3 Firmware Upgrade 2.0

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by Gary Mayo, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    I am having problems with the upgrade.

    My camera now acts very slow thinking about what it just focused on.

    The focus seems just as fast, but it lingers for a half a second (seems like 20 seconds) before it fires.

    If I have it on machine gun, it just pauses before the first shutter release, then throws led just like it did before.

    I used the camera all day Saturday at two zoos and it was fine. I did the upgrade today and ever after it is one slow duck.

    Any suggestions of what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yup, you and yours suffer from D700 envy and/or D3X lust :biggrin::eek: :wink:
  3. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    I thought we needed to post at Photo Camel or DPR to get made fun of? lol

    O well.

    Further on in the sage of the D3 Firmware Upgrade: I am testing the camera now with the lens I used a lot at the zoos on Saturday, a 70-300mm VR. Maybe I am just expecting too much? Maybe nothing is different? It just seems to pause before every shot.

    I wonder if I changed something else in the camera? I am better off not fussing with stuff. lol
  4. gary...
    i really did test the camera VERY LITTLE after the upgrade
    the focus seemed fine
    the AWB seemed "awesomely" different

    i will have a lot more time when my almost 2-week vacation starts in 38 hours
    we'll have to see

    i'm still not sure why your D3 is acting this way

    what other lens(es) did you try?
  5. SMH77


    Feb 11, 2006

    What setting are you using for focus tracking (off, low, norm, long)? Perhaps that has an effect. Otherwise having VR on may also cause a slight delay, have you tried 'non-VR' lenses or turning the VR off (I'm guessing you have)?

    Just a couple thoughts...

  6. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    Tried both VR lenses and non-VR lenses. I will check those settings, but I do not think I changed those.
  7. SMH77


    Feb 11, 2006
    I'm just wondering if they were reset automatically after the upgrade...

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