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D3 format corrupts memory cards?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Desmond, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. I recently got two D3 bodies in a deal, one with 38k and the other with 325k clicks.
    They came with 4 gig cards installed. After taking a few photos with both of them I decided to set them up to shoot RAW+ jpeg on cards 1 and 2. I then formatted the memory cards on both of them. The 38K body started freezing when an image was taken with the green light staying on and after 5 minutes I removed the battery.
    I swapped the cards between bodies and the 325k body started doing it - so it was a memory card. I took them out one at a time and it was the slot-2 card.
    I found my old CF-sd card adapter and installed a 2 gig card to it and formatted it in slot 2 [38k body] and the fault returned. The sd card would no longer work in my D5200 either and I had to trash it. When it was in the D5200 the green light came on and stayed on once the camera was turned on, the battery or card had to be removed to turn it off.
    I had a dual CF - micro sd card adapter and installed two 32 gig cards and formatted it in slot one and it was fine, I won't try it in slot 2.
    Someone is sending me some 512k CF cards so I can test the D1 and D1X bodies that came with the deal so once they arrive I will try one or two of them in slot 2 of the 38k body because the pattern seems to point to that as being the option.
    I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with this?
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  2. Maybe that's why they were so cheap.
  3. The seller has 100% feedback on past trades so I don't think he knew about that. Possibly this gear has just been sitting around that long since he doesn't use it.
  4. I never experienced anything remotely close to that when I had my D3.
    Just curious, did you try doing a complete reset?
    I do not remember which 3 buttons did the reset but I'm sure the information is available on the internet.
  5. Any bent pins?

    Do cards formatted by your PC in a card reader work?

    Have you tried doing a full format of one of the cards from your PC via the card reader?
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  6. Thanks, I did look for green dots as with the newer bodies but will look into the reset - though I doubt that will fix a 'card destroying' slot.

    Yes, cars formatted elsewhere work. Everything was working when it arrived, only when I reset a card in slot 2 does it happen. Not sure about pins bent, might have to have a closer look.
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