D3: in Camera settings question

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR' started by TerribleTwins, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Would appreciate some advice please.

    Shooting a fundraising golf event next sunday as a favour to the organisers.

    Basically the shots will be of the foursomes together at registration (intending to use my 35-70 for the bulk of the work - set to f8 & auto ISO if possible)

    My intention is to set the camera to shoot Raw on 1 card & large Jpeg on the other, with the aim of coming home, burning the Jpegs to a disk & giving that to the organisers as is - no post processing etc.

    Normally I just shoot raw & then correct sharpness etc with NX, so this method of shooting Jpeg with no pp is not something I have done before.

    So question - is the best option to to leave the camera settings (sharpness etc) to Auto, or should they be set at a certain #? I will be shooting in the Standard Picture control mode.

  2. I set mine to a fixed setting of 4 (i.e. +1 over the default), but I only use JPEGs for a preview, not as the final product. You'd do just as well, with a bit more of computer time, not necessarily your time, by batching a raw conversion with NX.

    Just take a quick look at WB, sharpness, etc on 3-4 images and perform manual adjustments as usual: then apply those settings to all the images shot in the same condition... and take a break from the computer. :wink::smile:

    It isn't much more work than just burning the JPEGs, but the quality is higher. What takes time in post is to crop the images, correct colors, add contrast, etc... individually!