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D3 vs. D300

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by greyhound rick, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Ive owned my D300 since December '07 and really feel fortunate to have it!

    During my experiences with it at Phoenix Greyhound Park Ive found that it does a lot of things very, very well. (Hey, it even makes me look good sometimes which is hard to do!!)

    If there were 2 things that I could add to the mix that I dont currently have they would be:

    1. The ability to raise the ISO and acheive better IQ

    2. The ability to focus faster

    Im convinced after seeing many of your photos that the D3 will blow away the D300 when it comes to high ISO capabilities, however, I would really like your input as to its ability to focus faster than the D300 given the same lenses and same shooting conditions.

    Ive probably taken over 10,000 photos of the race dogs and have tried many different approaches, settings etc. One thing that I believe is true is that the D300 has its limits in that you can get many shots in focus, but your not going to get them all in focus. My percentages vary from situation to situation, but I would really like to increase that number. I realize the best way to do this is to hone my technique and practice, practice, practice (which Im doing), however, if the D3 would give me a better chance to acheive better focus % I would glady invest in one.

    Im sure renting one for a week and shooting at the track would help answer my own question, but I value ALL of your input very much and would like to hear what you have to say.

    Purchasing a D3 is a huge investment for me, but I would do it if I can get better results coupled with hard work of course!

    Thanks again to everyone for helping me out.

    my best,

  2. I think anecdotally that the D3 is faster focusing...Randy and some of the others feel very strongly about this. I'm unaware of any scientific proof.
  3. I presume you're also considering the cost of longer lenses, since, on FX, the reach of your current glass will be reduced by 1/3rd.
  4. no comparison between the 2 bodies when it comes to high iso and af speed BUT at low iso-s (under 1k) IQ is so close I doubt anyone could tell the diff
  5. FWIW...
    Per Ken Rockwell's D3 vs. D300 page (link above):

    "Both cameras use the same AF sensors, but the D3 has more processing power to interpret the output from the 51 sensors more quickly, and the D3 has bigger motors to focus the lenses faster. "
  6. I don't know. I could certainly tell the difference at low ISO. Many have debated this. I shoot purely unadulterated, uncompressed, large Raw files. So perhaps I have that microscopic feel:cool: 

    I think that if you are using everyday intermediate type glass, ($700-1500 market), the D3 will show better IQ at all ISO ranges.

    From what I have seen of your work with the 400 ON THE 300:biggrin:Randy, I think this is where primo glass may indeed outshine a better sensor.

    Low light focus acquisition the D3 is quicker. I am also finding the AF speed of the D3 simply better all around.

    And of cause like Frank said, and as Randy has shown is that the crop factor of the D300 could be a big plus.

  7. Great input (as I expected), thanks to all!!
  8. Tim White

    Tim White Guest

    Thinking strictly of AF performance here, how does the D300 compare to the D2X? Obviously the D2X doesn't have the 51-point system but otherwise how do they compare? AF speed in low-light? Tracking speed?
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