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D300 back with 5 RPLs

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by e_No, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. e_No


    May 16, 2009
    Downey, CA
    This is the D300 that went back for the blinking green light, as described previously:

    It wasn't a cheap out of warranty repair, but it looks like it got the works:

    • RPL (replace) DC/DC Convertor (s/b "Converter")
    • RPL Main PCB
    • RPL Flash PCB
    • Replace Rubber grip
    • RPL Electrical contacts
    • (...various checks)
    • ADJ hot pixels

    So other than the rubber grip, and the hot pixels (not many, but just enough to annoy at ISO 1600), which I figured I'd have them map out while I had it there, this thing was an electrical jumbled mess! As I described in my original thread, the problem wasn't terminal (yet, anyway). I could turn the camera off, and the battery wouldn't drain all the way down. But I certainly didn't want to chance through a wedding with this (my 2nd body) camera, and seeing all that got replaced, I'm glad I didn't try.

    BTW, what is a PCB (P-something Circuit Board, I'm guessing)? I wonder what the "main" PCB is or does.
  2. Growltiger

    Growltiger Administrator Administrator

    PCB=Printed Circuit Board. One of those little cards with components soldered onto it.
    "Printed" because the copper lines on the board are etched using a photographic printing process.
  3. e_No


    May 16, 2009
    Downey, CA
    Ah, I should've known that. Any idea what the "main" PCB does? I'm guessing it's the one that holds the sensor, but I doubt they replaced that, too.
  4. How old was this camera, and how many clicks?
  5. e_No


    May 16, 2009
    Downey, CA
    Well, it wasn't that old, but I don't know the full age/history since I got it as a refurb with less than 2.5K actuations. At the time of the failure, it had 11K actuations, and I've had it for about 9 months. It's looking like I got a lemon: good deal at the time ($900), but it's cost me almost as much as a new one. Makes me think twice about picking up a used D700, like I've been wanting to do for a while (already have a D700 and want two FX bodies for event photography).
  6. I don't know if I would worry about a used d700. Something like the shutter and mechanical things obviously age but I don't really think that is true as much with electronics like the pc boards. You may well have had one board go bad and it just set up a chain reaction which could happen with a new camera just as easily.
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