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I have a D300 and a pretty decent CF card (4GB sandisk extreme IV). until recently I haven't even been interested in shooting at 6fps...now when I try it though, it says my buffer will fill up after 12 shots. is this normal? because it doesn't feel right... :Curved: this is jpg, but it doesn't change when I change the image size and quality settings. what am I doing wrong?


Apr 26, 2008
Up in the hills, Gloucestershire, UK
See pages 402 and 403 of the manual.

Here is some text from page 403:

1 All figures are approximate. File size varies with scene recorded.
2 Maximum number of exposures that can be stored in memory buffer. Drops if
[Optimal quality] is selected for [JPEG compression], ISO sensitivity is set to H 0.3
or higher, [High ISO NR] is on when auto ISO sensitivity control is on or ISO
sensitivity is set to 800 or higher, or long exposure noise reduction, active Dlighting,
or image authentication is on.
3 Maximum frame rate when recording 14-bit NEF (RAW) images is 2.5 fps.
4 Figures assume [JPEG compression] is set to [Size priority]. Selecting [Optimal
quality] increases the file size of JPEG images; number of images and buffer
capacity drop accordingly.
My guess is you have not set everything to optimise the buffer size.

You misunderstand the r12. It tells you the buffer size is 12. As you shoot, the buffer gets filled, but it also gets emptied at the same time but slower.
You have to try it to see how many you can take before it fills.


Thank you very much! I had tried it and pretty much as soon as it hit 12, it started shooting much much slower. I think one of my settings is off though, I'll change it and see if it makes it better.

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