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D300 Firmware upgrade coming????

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by D.RicPhoto, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. D.RicPhoto


    Mar 28, 2009
    Do you think that Nikon will have a firmware upgrade to the D300 since the D300s is out. They did this with the D70 when the D70s came out.
  2. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    From what I've heard from a reliable source, there is no information yet as to whether there will be a firmware upgrade down to the D300 from the 300s.
  3. neimac


    May 26, 2008
    Hope not I would love to get a D300 for cheap.
  4. BobC


    Jan 3, 2006
    Upstate New York
    New firmware more often is intended to fix problems than add features.

    But who knows?
  5. D.RicPhoto


    Mar 28, 2009
    I remember when the D70s came out the D70 had a firmware upgrade that except for the new hardware features added all the improvements of the D70s. If any firmware improvements on the D300s I could see them adding them to the D300.
  6. jeremyInMT

    jeremyInMT Guest

    I really doubt this will change the value of the D300. Might a little I guess, but not much.
  7. why would update change the price?
  8. larryk


    Sep 6, 2005
    It doesn't look like there are many improvements in the D300S that could be moved to the D300 via firmware.
  9. Preston


    May 2, 2005
    Reno, NV
    Maybe a move to 7fps but I dought it, probably a power issue.
  10. daveg


    Jul 14, 2008
    Apart from the movies, which I don't want and the 7fps, which I don't need, the D300s has nothing to offer me even as an upgrade to the firmware.

    I'll stick with what I have.
  11. It would be nice to have the additional ADL settings.
  12. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    I would have to disagree that nothing can be gained with a firmware upgrade..especially if the AF algorithms have been tweaked which would be a great gain to me as a BIF shooter.
  13. I'd agree. Anything that improves an already outstanding AF system would be welcome.:smile:
  14. I think I will be seeking out a new D300 bargain, as most people will probably want to go for the latest model.
  15. wgilles


    Apr 25, 2008
    I wouldn't mind the extra FPS, as a sports shooter this would be great!
  16. ultimind


    May 13, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    Plenty of D300's going for ~$1000 these days... I'd say thats quite the bargain.
  17. My D300 autofocus is not that great with the 60mm Micro. However, the same lens on the D70, D80 and D200 works just great. Other lenses work very well on the D300. I think there is nothing hardware wrong with the camera or the lens. It has to be software driven.

    I have seen other people posting reports about the same issue with the 60mm. I think the new 105mm micro has some issues similar to those of the 60mm. Perhaps it is just my camera but I have friends experiencing the same issue.

    A new firmware would certainly help..... I don't think the boys at Nikon will let us have a better D300, they are counting on those D300s sales.

  18. maybe its the lens firmware?
  19. How about a bracket increment > 1 stop for the D300 and the D3?
  20. Andrew

    I didn't know about a lens firmware. Since reading your posting I have been reading through Goggle about this lens firmware. Apparently there is a Lens firmware. This is very interesting.....!

    All I know my D300 is not very good with the 60mm. That has been a condition since the camera was brand new. The funny thing is that all the other lenses work OK. Sometimes the 70-200mm is a little bit slow.

    These Nikon kids should be fixing the existing cameras rather than launching new models. I guess that as long as we jump into these new models they will keep launching un-finished models. They took classes with Microsoft.....!!!!

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