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D300 grip

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by EEB72, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Anyone having problems with their D300 grip?

    My one seems to have died! :eek:  At first I thought it was DBS because the battery I had in was fully charged and when the camera shut off it was showing the battery meter with only one bar on it. I took the grip off and put the battery in the body and it worked fine the rest of the night. If I had a battery in both body and grip it would work sort of. I could still use the AF button and take a pic but none of the wheels or toggle thing that changes AF point would work. I think just the grip is bad because when I take the grip off my other D300 and put it on that body with just a battery in the grip, it works fine.

    I just wanted to see if anyone else had problems with their D300 grip. Guess I will dig out the box and send it to Nikon.
  2. Rebelranger


    Feb 4, 2007
    Northern CA
    I had an issue at one point but cleaned all the contacts and it was fine. I also did a next cleaning with DeOxit on the recommendation of some at Nikonians and have never experienced problems again.
  3. Yes, cleaning did a lot of good for me.
  4. Update

    I just got around to getting some Deoxit. I cleaned the contacts on the grip, it still doesn't work. Also I checked the grip that I have on my other D300. D300 works with just a battery in the grip but the thing I found with that one now is the toggle switch thing doesnt work. I know it worked before because I remember using it. Anyone have some suggestions? :confused: 
  5. no problems here!
  6. No problems for me either, I bought the adapter and use my D2X batteries in it.
  7. Guess you guys got lucky. I didn't have the DBS like others have with the D300. My problem has been the damn grips. First one I had for a few weeks when I got my first D300, had to send that one back. Now these two. I would say the heck with the grip but I like it for taking portraits and just the overall feel of the D300 with it on. I wish nikon would have just put the D300 sensor in the same size body as the D2x. I'll be in Vegas this Saturday for 8 days so I guess when I get back I'll send them to Nikon...
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