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D300 Hair in viewfinder? HELP!

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by DearLeader, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I did a search but nothing relevant came up.

    I just bought a brand new D300 last saturday (yay!). When I brought it home and used it for a few days the viewfinder was clear.

    Yesterday, something that appears to look line a fine hair has appeared in my viewfinder and it's not going away.

    Oddly, when I was at the camera store playing with the demo, it also had the same type of fine hair wiggly thing in the viewfinder(but in a different place). I just ignored it because it was a demo. BUT NOW THIS HAIR IS ON MY BRAND NEW UNIT AND I DON'T LIKE IT!!

    I've maybe changed lens on this unit five times in a clean atmosphere. It's six days old.

    I've also noticed a lot of low ISO noise between 200 and 400(especially in areas like clear blue sky). I'm using lightroom2 for development and have to bump the noise slider to 100% to remove it.

    Is something wrong with my camera?
  2. Hi Travis...can you actually see a hair in the view finder or do you see a hair when you look through the viewfinder. If you see it when looking through the viewfinder this is most likely on your mirror and can be easily blown away using a rocket Giotto blower after removing the lens.( don't use canned air!)
  3. thanks for responding..

    it's a looks like a fine hair on the inside top corner of the af area... it can be seen through the viewfinder only if the camera is on... it can't be seen with the camera off....

    if it was an actual hair on the sensor wouldn't I be able to see it regardless if the camera is on or off?
  4. Then the hair is not inside your viewfinder. Either a small piece of dust or fuzz has stuck to your prism, or it's on your mirror. Blow out your mirror box with a Giotto Rocket as suggested. Just remember, this hair/fuzz does not affect your image in any way, and by blowing in there with air, you run the risk of actually dislodging dust from elsewhere inside the mirror box and making it stick to your sensor. If you do try to blow it clean, just hold the camera facing down so it helps any dust fall out the box.
  5. demosaic

    demosaic Guest

    This post doesn't make any sense to me.

    Are you saying that the hair visible through the eyepiece disappears when you rotate the camera power switch to "off?"

    If with the lens off, it's in the finder, visible through the eyepiece, and it's in sharp focus, then it's on the groundglass.
  6. Yes to the first question

    I have not tried looking through the viewfinder with no lens on the body. I guess I'll try it tonight.
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