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D300 playback causes battery loss??

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by NateD, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. NateD

    NateD Guest

    I did a search for this but maybe I didn't put in the right terms, so forgive me is this is covered somewhere.
    I was shooting a game last night and while chimping (ok, tell me you don't do it:wink:) , the battery would "die" but if I turned the camera off for about 5 seconds and turn it back on, it was fine
    I shot the entire game on one battery, but the only time I would have an issue is when I was previewing images on the LCD
    Since I just got the D300 last week, I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue....
  2. Are you sure it was the battery dying and not just the LCD turning off after the self-timer was done?

    I don't have a D300, but if any of my cameras would be doing that I would get it in for service rather sooner than later.
  3. Sounds like DBS, or dead battery syndrome. I believe this has been found to be caused by dirty lens contacts, or twisting the mounted lens a bit. I've experienced it with my D80 and D300 on occasion. From what I've read, it happens with some lenses more than others. I've had it happen most with my 18-200, but have also had it happen on occasion with my 70-200/2.8
  4. NateD

    NateD Guest

    thanks, guys, I kinda thought it might have been a dirty contacts issue since I had the 300 f/2.8 mounted on it. I did just check and noticed that the firmware hadn't been updated so I just did that and I'll see if the clean contacts and updated firmware make a difference...
  5. Does the DBS appear only when chimping? Why would it be like that? I can't figure out any physical explanation for that.
  6. NateD

    NateD Guest

    yes, that was the only time it happened, when I was chimping, otherwise the camera for fine for the entire night. I did update the firmware so I will keep you posted....
  7. My only guess is that when shooting, the 300/2.8 is supported by his hand, but when he's chimping, he's letting the lens just hang by it's mount while his hands are supporting the camera body and pushing buttons. This allows subtle movement at the lens contacts which can cause this.

    Now, if he says the camera lens was supported on a tripod, and chimping was done with it supported, then never mind...
  8. NateD

    NateD Guest

    It was the firmware...I had versions 1.0 and 1.2 and just updated to 1.3 and the issue is resolved....Thenks for the assist guys!
  9. Sapiro

    Sapiro Guest

    I've had a D300 for 6 months and never had an issue with what you're describing....
  10. firmware update FTW!
  11. Paul, I think the update came in July. I am supposed to be notified of updates by Nikon, but was not for this and it got by me. When my camera was at Nikon Repair Service, they updated to 1.03. Look in your Menu/SetUp/Firmware to see what Firmware is on your camera.
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