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D300 + SB800 underexposing

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by goatee, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I can't work out what's going on. When I shoot with my SB800, it underexposes by just shy of a stop. When I add +1 FEC, all is basically fine, but it's really bugging me.

    Also, when I set the FEC on flash, I see on camera that FEC has been set, but not by how much. Is it better to set FEC on camera, or on flash? (Or does it make a difference?)

    Finally, is there a Nikon equivalent to the EOS flash bible that explains how the metering works in the different modes? With EOS flash, in Av, the camera meters for ambient light levels, and the flash is a secondary light source. In M, the flash is the primary light source, and in P, if the shutter speed is 1/60 or faster, the flash is a secondary light source, but if the shutter speed needs to go slower, the flash then becomes the primary light source.

  2. Hi Goatee.

    Thom Hogan's book on Nikon CLS and SB-800/SB-600 is quite good. Lots of great information and explanations as to how the system works.

    I muchprefer to adjust FEC right at the flash rather than at the camera. It's visual and large, fast and easy.

    As to why you're underexposing I'm not sure. I've had very good results with my SB-800 and D300 but there are many variables and factors.

    Can you give a specific example or show a sample with your settings and lighting conditions?
  3. Robert, thanks for the recommendation - I'll certainly check it out.

    I'll shoot some small JPEGs so I can leave all EXIF intact, and link to them - but all settings were on 0 - both EC and FEC, on both camera and flash, and they were just under a stop under-exposed. Incidentally, I had an engagement party to shoot on Sunday (started as a couple of shots of the couple, and turned out as full formals with studio lights before, and shooting through the party), and worked out fine, with FEC+1.
  4. If you set FEC on the flash you are changing exposure of the subject. If you set FEC on the camera you changing exposure of ambient lighting. 2 different things. This is my understanding of the subject. Maybe i'm full of bunk.
    Check out http://tutiki.org/w/index.php/SB800/SB600_-_Basics_and_Tips
  5. Vulcan


    Jun 26, 2008
    I read somewhere that if you have Active D-lightning on and uses the flash, the flash underexpose. Not sure if this is true (haven't tested) or if that is your problem. Might however be worth looking into.

  6. I believe that setting FEC on either camera or flash will change the exposure of the subject, to change ambient light levels, change EC on the camera. Actually, I normally shoot in M indoors with the flash anyway.

    Hmm, thanks - I shoot RAW, so Active D-lighting would have no effect for me - I'll check if it's turned on.
  7. Goatee, you are correct. I should have said EC on the camera and not FEC. I'm still getting a handle on the whole thing.
  8. smodak


    Jun 11, 2007
    Franklin MA US
    Where is this book? I know that he is working on one but never knew that it was already out...Do you have a link?
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