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D300 shutter button sensitivity?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by CliffB, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. I just got a D300 yesterday and have not really had a chance to test it out. However, I am having a problem. Before I send it back for an exchange, I thought I would ask if this has occurred with others. With the release mode set on single, I will sometimes get a burst of several shots when pressing the shutter button. This seems to happen when I use a light pressure on the shutter button.

    It seems that I have a defect here; but, I thought that I would run this issue past the Cafe members.

    My other issue has to do with noise; but, as I am not yet familiar with the camera's settings, I will leave that issue for a later discussion. Though I am getting photos with much more noise than my 4 year old D70 produces.

    Anyway, any thoughts on the phantom continuous shooting?
  2. I have never seen mine do multiple shots on single... the main body release is not a problem but you will find the vertical grip release is a little trigger happy... you have to get used to it. Does not sound right to me...
  3. yendikeno


    Mar 31, 2008
    The shutter release on mine is fairly sensitive. There have been a few occasions when I depressed it that I wound up taking two shots instead of one. This has only happened a few times, and is not cause for concern to me.
  4. wgilles


    Apr 25, 2008
    Mine never clicks off multiple shots on Single mode. I used to have a D80 with a battery grip and that bad boy had a super sensitive shutter release so I guess I just might still be used to have and real light on the shutter.

    Congrats on the new Body by the way! Hope it works out for you.
  5. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    My shutter button seems sensitive, in C mode. I use the back button (AF button) to focus. I have found I can let up, and not get as many frames. I have not had that issue when set to single though.

    That does sound a little sensitive to me, especially for single mode.
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  6. Kqw1208

    Kqw1208 Guest

    Long shot but,

    What do you have "AF-S priority selection" set at? Release or Focus?
  7. MMarz


    Sep 15, 2007
    Long Island, NY
    I suspect a setting is out of whack here.

    I admit the sensitivity of the shutter release on the D300 body, and to an even greater degree the MB-D10, is over the top, but I don't get multiple captures if set to CL or CH.

    No disrespect meant, but seeing how it is a new body for you, is it possible you are confusing AF-S and AF-C with Single, Continuous Low and Continuous High? AF-S & C, set by moving the switch beside the lens mount, controls the auto focus mode...AF-S = Single, AF-C = Continuous autofocus. Single, Cont Low & Cont High are set using the concentric ring around what was formerly the film rewind crank and relate to the rate of image capture if you hold down the shutter release.

    Sorry if I am being too rudimentary...
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  8. Yeah I was thinking the same thing as Michael - where are you making the adjustment to 'single mode'?
  9. fivegrand

    fivegrand Guest

    my body button has a very light touch as well. the button on the grip feels more like my d2h.
  10. Ditto on what Michael said.

    In the manual see pages:
    48 - Single Frame Release Mode
    74 - Release Mode
    268 - AF-S Priority Selection

    Congratulations on your new D300 Cliff!

  11. Cliff, something similar has happened to me. I saw a flying bird and without having time to switch to continuous mode I raised the camera and tried to take multiple shots in single mode. It looked like the camera was sensing what I wanted :eek:  and fired off various continuous shots. That has never happened when I wanted to take a single shot though.

    I've just tried to reproduce it. If I hit the shutter release in a fast sequence the camera ocasionally fires two shots with one depression of the shutter release.

    That doesn't seem like a bug to me. They could sell this as a telepathy feature :biggrin:: the camera senses when you need continuous shooting in single mode and helps you out. What a camera!:Love:
  12. Both on my D300 (and the MB-d10's) releases were touchy as hell to me at first, but after a bit you do get used to it. Now I can tak single pics on CH without having a second one. But when I use the D70 and then go back to the D300 I'll pop an extra shot off by accident.
  13. Happens to me as well but it seems this happens when you don't fully depress the shutter...you know when you try to release the button to half pressed position after the shutter trips so you're ready for the next shot. It doesn't happen when my shutter presses are more deliberate and release fully.
  14. Cliff,

    My D300 likes to "Double-Tap" an exposure when I lightly press the shutter release, especially if I roll my finger tip across the release. I look at is a feature! This is digital and I can delete the worst of the two.

    As for Noise on the D300 vs D70. It's no contest for me. The D300 produces much smoother images across the board, and vastly better at 800 and above.

    A good starting point is a two button reset and use the defaults, with maybe Fine JPG or Raw. Of the stock color controls, I like Neutral. Also try the D2XMode1 color control, you can download it from here: D2xMode Color Controls. The absolute best way to find out what settings do what is to shoot raw and use Capture NX2 to play with the settings to see what works for you.
  15. Thank you everyone for your comments.


    This is happening with mode set to single.

    That is the strange thing. Last night I took the camera to a high school football game, to test some high ISO shooting. With the camera set to CH, I had no trouble taking single shots whenever I wanter to do so.

    I guess that, even when the mode I set to S, I will have to press the shutter button as if I am set to one of the C modes. Either that or just accept that the camera will occassionally take multiple shots. I had one occassion when, while set to S, the camera rattled off 6 exposures.

    That is exactly what I am experiencing. After taking so long to teach myself to squeeze the shutter button slowly, like a gun trigger, I guess that I will have to reteach myself to give the button a quick tap instead of the slow squeeze.

    Comparing the various settings, in Capture NX2, is exactly what I have been doing the morning. I am still trying to find settings that make me happy. The fact that NX2 is also new to me is probably further complicating the issue.
  16. Cliff,

    Hang in there. For me the most frustrating part was getting the D300 white balance right when there was a lot of red in the image.

    After wrestling with red overexposure, I now pretty much leave the camera set as follows:

    sRGB color space
    Daylight WB (Auto or manually set it if indoors)
    D2XMode1 picture control (sharpening 3)
    ISO as much as needed - I use AUTO and let it go to 1600
    If there are sharp shadows, Active D-lighting on normal

    For JPEG - Normal with JPEG Compression Set to Optimize for Quality.

    For RAW - 12 bit Compressed
  17. Check bracketing (on/off) ... perhaps that the reason for multiple exposures ?
  18. Kieron,

    That is a good thought, but it happens with bracketing off. It is a matter of not pressing through the contact when the shutter goes off. If I press more firmly, it only fires one shot and if pressed just so and lightly enough it will fire off 3 shots. As I've gotten used to the camera, it does not happen as much anymore.
  19. ya i haven't had any issues like that with mine so far. The camera is touchy in continuous but should be fine in single mode. If it does bug you still you could go back to the store and try another and try to replicate the problem with your shooting style.
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