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D40 and SB-600 multiburst?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by SalM, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. SalM


    May 13, 2007
    Eastern Pa
    I was fooling with my D40 today and an SB-600. I was able to get it to multi burst together in Manual mode on the flash. Is there a way in other modes on the flash or change the settings on the D40 to allow it to get more light. Right now I can only multi burst using manual on the flash set at 1/8. Anything higher than that and it won't flash on the second shutter release.

    Final question, would the SB-800 be able to accomplish this better than the 600? I am only really looking to fire off about three shots at a time but would prefer to get as much light as I can to bounce and fill a room.

    I read the manual but can't seem to find any valuable info....

  2. The SB800 has an optional 5th battery compartment and recycles faster , I just put my SB800 on my D40 and fired off 10 shots in a row in auto mode .
    I tried again with my SB600 and fired off 10 shots in a row , close up . I turned around and fired across the room and got 4 flashes before it whined and stopped firing . Tried again with the SB800 and got 7 flashes long-distance ....
  3. SalM


    May 13, 2007
    Eastern Pa
    Thanks but now when you say "fired" do you mean holding the shutter down?

    For some odd reason I can't get my sb-600 to fire with the shutter in any other mode but manual if I want to shoot say two frames back to back.

    Odd.. I must be doing something wrong...Hmmm...
  4. Hmm , I thought I replied to this last night . Yes , "fired" as in 'clicked' and took a shot . Hold down the flash button and turn the dial and see what mode you are in , maybe you have it in the wrong mode , I'm not sure what could be wrong there .
  5. SalM


    May 13, 2007
    Eastern Pa

    Thanks! When you say knob do you mean the M,A,P,S knob on the D40? Not trying to sound like a nut but my flash only has push buttons on it!

    I was playing with the camera again and in aperture mode and with the ISO at 400 I can get a nice color balanced multi snap with the flash firing each time. I guess I was hoping I would be able to bounce flash three shots back to back with the shutter held down. Either way I will make the best with it. At this point I wish I would have opted for the SB900 but at the time of purchase over a year ago I was still a novice to DSLR......

    Thanks again for your help!
  6. I meant the multi selector dial at the back , it changes the type of flash you are using between , "red eye reduction" , "slow synch " etc .
    This may be a good time to get a used SB800 when the SB900 comes out .
    I did some test prints on my D40 at iso 200,400,800 and 1600 at 8X12 .
    Up to iso 800 I could not see any real difference in the prints . if you try the same test again at iso 800 the flash will only have to fire half as strong [as at 400 ] and should last twice as long .
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