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  1. Is it possible to change the focusing screen on a D40X and if so how hard is it to do and where do you get new ones?
  2. Lots of people here love the Katz Eye Focusing screens. Now as to how hard it is I can't say as haven't attempted to change one since 1990.

    I'd like to get one myself but I think I'd rather find an authorized Nikon Repair place to do it.
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    Well it depends on what you are thinking of. Only the D2 series have focus screen options provided by Nikon (not incl D200). If you are looking for a focus screen to help you focus manually, then you can buy those from Katz-eye and another less well known company who's name escapes me at the minute - they really do help with manually focusing I've recently discovered.

    Now the bad(ish) news, I don't have a D40(x) so cannot comment from personal experience but it is apparently harder to change the focusing screen on that and the D80 models for some reason, but its certainly doable as people use them all the time and if you do have trouble you can always have Katz-Eye install it for $50 or get a local camera repair shop to do it for you. They run you from slightly less than $100 up to about $150 depending on which model you get, assuming you are going to install it yourself.
  4. Go to NikonUSA and look through the accessories for the D40/D40X and you'll see if Nikon has any optional screens (doubtful). I think there are some available for D1 series, and D2 series.

    Katz-Eye does not support every Nikon DSLR either. Check out their site. http://www.katzeyeoptics.com/
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  6. Thanks everyone, thats exactly what I wanted to know.
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