D40 LCD cover

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  1. I know I saw something here somewhere under a heading like "Best $10 you can spend" regarding stick-on LCD covers.

    The D40 comes without a cover and I need one of these ASAP. Can anyone help me, please?
  2. Thanks, Holmes. I've already ordered it.
  3. Holmes


    Oct 28, 2006
    Wyoming, USA
    You're welcome, Jim. Believe you'll like the da Protector as it offers great impact protection as well as scratch resistance.

    Installation is kind of a pain-in-the-butt, yet the task is well worth it.

    A good fresh razor knife or X-acto knife is the way to go for trimming the miniature attachment tape. A smooth surface synthetic kitchen cutting board makes an excellent base upon which to work.

    Before you start the installation, check the edges of the Protector shield to make sure there are no sharp edges that might cause discomfort to the fingers. I've not run across this problem myself (I've installed over a dozen of these, so far), but I've heard a couple complaints from others. If there is a sharp edge you can easily buff it away with a piece of fine grit wet/dry sandpaper or emory board.

    Good luck to you and be well.
  4. Well we have it installed now (we => my wife and I), but the view through the protector is a bit cloudy, not as transparent as I expected. Looks almost like there is a thin layer of scotch tape on it.

    Is this normal?
  5. I inquired about this by e-mail to da Products. Here was their response:

    There is a protective liner on both sides of the protector. On some of the newer D40 protectors the protective liner is clear. You may have received one with the wrong instruction sheet (stating that the camera side protective liner is white).

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  6. I used a Hori PSP screen protector cut down to size, Its really good because it cuts down on glare aswell as is very transparent!

    Also if you screw up you always have another one to use (Since its sized ot the PSP's screen) Cost me about $7 online.
  7. I purchased this ExpertShield screen protector from a Hong-Kong vendor on Ebay. I wondered if it would really work, but it arrived in 4 days and is perfect. Installation was a snap and it fits perfectly. Very securely attached and absolute perfect clarity.

    Here is the link. If it is broken, just search for "d40 lcd protector" and it will get you there.

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    Oct 7, 2006
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