D50 and D70S user manuals

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PhilY, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Phil,

    Is think another prank or that info was legit. I can't get in. I guess everybodyyyyyy !!!!!!!! is checking that pdf file.

    Did you by any chance saved it locally ? Can you email it ?
  2. Didn't appear to be a prank -- looks like the real thing. If a fake, somebody had to hack the Nikon site PLUS go through a *whole* lot of trouble to produce them. Since Askey deleted the links at DPR and for other reasons, I'm thinking they are the real thing.

    I did not save them. They actually are still there, just running *very* slow. I just did a "save as" to dl the D70S manual and it was coming at 2.2kb/sec. For a 23MB file, that means a 3 hour download. Needless to say I cancelled the dl.

    It appeared to be an improved D70, probably fixing the most common boo-boos and adding a few features. One of the more interesting is a wired remote. That would seem to open the option for a batt pack. There is also a new kit lens for the D50 -- a 18-55DX F3.5/5.6. Appears to be aimed squarely at the 350XT.

  3. Thank Phil.

    I was able to get both manuals and honestly, nothing spectacular. Is Nikon ready to release D50, D70s and D200 in the same year ?. I wish I knew someone in HQ :)