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d50, d70s

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mrdinh, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. mrdinh


    Mar 8, 2005
    North Dakota
    i didn't see any vertical grip option...is that true?...correct me if i'm wrong...info is on dpreview
  2. Ugh, the D70s isn't even an update. Why update the camera and not add a vertical grip like what every user has been asking for? We didn't need a bigger LCD!

    Like I was griping in another post, I think it would make more sense to place the D70 in between the price of the Canon Rebel and the Rebel XT. Why would a noob buy a D70 over an XT, besides flash sync...it's not like they would even know what to do with a 1/500 sync anyhow? The D50 isn't even a viable camera for those who use compact flash. I guess Nikon is either tailoring to the low end or the high end, in between and you're screwed.

    The Canon line up makes so much more sense to me. I'm not asking Nikon to act like Canon, just give the equipment we need to stay competitive in the face of the competition (Canon shooters)!
  3. mrdinh


    Mar 8, 2005
    North Dakota
    vert grip?...more resolution...??? is this really a upgrade?
  4. It's not much different from the D2Hs replacement of the D2H from what I can gather. At least it doesn't sound like Nikon's pricing the D70s the same way (at the D70's original price) as they did the D2Hs -- unless I missed that part.

  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Did you also read a firmware up-grade for the D70 to be like a D70s.

    I what a firmware up-grade for the D100 to D2x. lololol
  6. D70 reliability............. looks good from my perspective

    From my own experience (and reading the net-boards) the D70 has been a pretty good performer from a reliability standpoint. I'm sure there have been plenty of failures but all in all it's considered a pretty good camera........... especially considering it's price point.

    "Speed issues" are another thing. It's generally regarded as somewhat sluggish when it comes to FPS and focus speed.

    FWIW, I have enjoyed my D70, learned a lot, and will keep it as a lightweight companion to a D2H.

    I will definately load the new firmware when it's available. :lol:

  7. I would enjoy seeing a Vertical grip for the D70s as well but Nikon originally marketed it as a Amatuer-ish camera (tho that spot is more suited for the D50 now) So I just don't think they are worried about making pro-level attachments for a amatuer camera. (No offense to D70 owners :) ) However one thing I would like to see is a buffer upgrade to the D100 like they did to the D1x :) 
  8. Cappy

    Cappy Guest

    I thought there was an "after market" grip coming out. If I can find out the specs on it I will post it here.
  9. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    There is an "aftermarket" grip available, though to me, it seems more like a paperweight:


    The D70s biggest difference is the "s" at the end of the D70. (the 0.2" LCD increase not insignificant, especially since its pixel count remains the same at 130K)
  10. Has anyone had a look inside the battery compartment of the D70s? It there are extra prongs in there, then a proper vertical grip is probably on the way.

    It really is silly of Nikon to not do one for the D70 level camera. Wouldn't cost them anything to make, and they would sell hundreds of thousands of them. Why throw away good money? :D 

    I doubt I would buy one for mine though. My D70 is now my camera to carry everywhere. The smaller and lighter the better.
  11. yes, the lack of a proper vert grip is the mainreason i won't by the 70 as a backup for my D2X
  12. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    Actually, it costs quite a bit in R&D to design the grip then setup a manufacturing line, package, distribute, and market the grip. To offset this cost, they need to charge x amount and sell x amount. The fewer people that buy it, the larger the cost to the consumer will be further discouraging buying.

    If they anticipate that they can't sell x amount of units then it simply would not be cost effective in doing producing one. Furthermore, it pulls resources off of what could be used in developing a new camera.

    I believe that that is the main thrust behind the D70 - its smaller, lightweight package. And from what I've seen, most people feel the same as you - that it's a nice option, but it's doubtful they would use one. Especially since the battery performance in the D70 is so good.

    Additionally, most D70 users are not pros and rotating the camera around and shooting without a portrait grip is not too bothersome for occasional.
  13. Vertical Rotation

    Just curious if any of you rotate your D70 clockwise so that your right hand is down when you go for a vertical shot. I find this fairly comforatable and stable with my right elbow against my chest/stomach. I am left eye dominant so this puts the camera to the left of my nose with the body off to the left side. Works for me anyway. At least I don't have an arm waving up and around to release the shutter. For those of you that are right eye dominant perhaps using the left eye for verticals would allow you to be a bit more comfortable. Anyway it was just a thought that might help those folks yearning for a vertical grip to get by with out one for a while. 8)
  14. Matt,

    That's an interesting point. I too am left eye dominant and do occasionally turn my D70 clockwise for verticals, but I don't really find it comfortable unless I turn my right hand around and use my thumb to trigger the shutter release. Is that what you do? I guess if you're also "double-jointed", it might be comfortable enough though -- I used to be more flexible that way, but not so much anymore.

    For me, I generally only do that if I'm using flash w/out a flash bracket and prefer the nasty shadow to fall to one side vs the other for a given shot *OR* if I find it more steady for a given shot in low light situation. Sometimes, I will just use my forefinger and sometimes my thumb depending on the situation.

  15. honestly, I'm left eye dominant (I'm left handed), I wish they would make a left handed camera! It sucks living in a society dominanted by right-handed barbarians. The left-handers will have their way one day! hahahaha!

    :) :p :wink::p :p 
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