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D500 - Impressions and Tips, post them here

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Retief, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Well, since I started this thread I guess I should go first.

    My first impression matches, and reinforces, what I thought when attending the Launch Events in March. I am finding that ISO 6400, and maybe even a touch higher, is something I can make use of, see the High ISO Gallery for my samples from last night, the ISO values are in the title and you can use the little "i" symbol on the lower right of an image page to view full EXIF.

    The AF is simply amazing. The last shot in the High ISO Gallery was more to test AF than ISO. That was dark, 9:20PM in my backyard and the camera was still able to AF. It did have a small amount of hunting, but not much at all. For flying birds, in this case Osprey and Terns, if I could find it in the VF the AF just locked in quickly and stayed locked in, even when the bird was less than the size of the visible AF point.

    The Osprey pictures in This Thread are examples of this also. The 3rd one is part of a very long set of multiple bursts as I followed the Osprey from a perch about 200 yards away. AF never had an issue.

    Next up is to figure out all the custom settings, that could take a while as there are some interesting new ones.
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  2. I haven't done any hi ISO testing yet but from what I see 6400 will be usable. My first day impressions also match my launch event day impressions. The camera handles well, fits my hands well, and (IMO) it's an ergonomic improvement over my D810. The camera feels solid and fast. The AF is simply amazing (I guess you said that but it bears repeating). The viewfinder is big and bright. Still have lots to learn about it but so far I'm a very happy camper....:) 
  3. I'm in as soon as mine arrives... Bill - should you have wondered.. I'm dodi73 on dpreview - many years ago I got canceled for some reason and could not log in anymore with italy74. A friend of mine created an user from scratch and I'm using this since then. On a side note, for a very little surcharge, I'll probably go for the Tamron 15-30 instead of the 16-80 shipped with the camera. This will give me a better overall performance at a fixed aperture and will give me the chance to exploit the 15-30 or the 24-70 (that otherwise would have been doubled) depending on the event.
    I already dealt a similar situation with a D200 (17-35 + 28-75) so that's fine and both camera and lenses are definitely better this time. Of course Nikon will obviously release a super-duper 14-55 f/2.8 VR in a month..... :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: 
  4. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    Having shot with a D4 and D2x for the last 4 years (my D300 doesn't see use much anymore) my observations may be a bit tainted, but here goes. The feel in the hand is good, even without the grip. I suspect with the grip it will feel better to me, YMMV. I like the eyepiece shutter, I've grown accustom to it with the pro bodies and am thankful it found it's way onto the D500. The menus have grown and as Bill said, it will take some time to figure it out. The basic control layout is similar, but there are a few changes that will be troublesome. I didn't get a chance to shoot much last night, did a couple of test shots I'll look at later. The big test comes today after the rain stops.
    I'd be interested in the AF settings others are finding useful as there appear to be changes yet again to the way the AF module sees things.
  5. Awe I see it has started to arrive. Hopefully in Canada soon.
  6. Nikon got the right hand controls consistent with the D5 and D500 with the exception of the second FN button missing from the D500. Nice to not have any operational differences between the two bodies I am using.
  7. Touch screen is awesome, based on my testing, it's capacitive (vs. the older resistive ones) like on every recently released smart phone. In informal testing with a plastic screen protector overlaid on the screen (not applied) I didn't note any decrease in sensitivity to touches, swipes, multi-touch gestures.
  8. weerterbos


    Feb 11, 2016
    Any one tested swapping the [af-on] with the function of the center button of the sub-selector already? I saw that talked about elsewhere and thought it a interesting idea. [af-on] button then set up as AE-L /AF-L. Since you can move the AF point with the sub-selector, you don't have to move your thumb from the sub-selector to AF-ON.
  9. I know most are into photo here but for the videographers out there, I took three sample clips and using Media Info (video bitrate specifically and not overall) with movie settings as follows:
    Image area = DX, Movie quality = High

    I get the following bitrates:
    1080-30p = 20.9 Mbps
    1080-60p = 41.2 Mbps
    4K-30p (3840 x 2160) = 125 Mbps (there is a 1.5x crop applied on top of the normal vid crop in this mode)
  10. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I didn't mention above that I thought their packaging was a little flimsy compared to past offerings (like the D300). Had it out chasing osprey earlier. Hard to tell, not a lot of keepers but I haven't shot raptors with the Sigma Sport much, it may be me.
  11. The packaging is much better on the $6,500 D5.
  12. just making it harder to throw away eventually… I'm tired of storing boxes of boxes.
  13. Got "The Twins" yesterday....His and Her's D500's....

    Went birding today.
    Not much flying, but got this shot of a nice Cinnamon Teal.
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  14. Finally got to play with mine tonight. Shot with the Sigma 150-600S and TC1401

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  15. WAY too many water spots, the D500 obviously sucks. And is waterlogged to boot ..... :ROFLMAO: 

    Well, SOMEBODY has to complain!

    And to think I was happy just to get ONE D500, here you are hogging them all .....

    Cool Teal.
  16. My wife has become a bigger birder than I.
    I bought a 200-500 when it came out and now it is "her lens."
    The D500 is such a great camera for BIF's....how could I buy myself one and not one for my birding buddy?
    Wouldn't be prudent....

    Here is another shot from today.
    Both hand-held....

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  17. Sharing is caring they say, great Heron!
  18. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I noticed that, I guess the extra $4500 has to get you something!
  19. Fred, how would you categorize the focus speed of the 200-500 on the D500? I know what it is like with the 600mm, simply freakish ;) , how about on the D500? I have heard some reports that it can be a bit "slow" to AF. I have been, and am still, contemplating if I want to get one of these or maybe the Sigma 150-600 S. I like the weight and price of the Nikon, but am just a bit concerned about speed, which the D500 might help to mitigate.

    Nice to see "His and Hers" doing so well. My wife wanted something smaller a while back, so I got her a V3 and the 70-300 CX lens. Nice 10-20fps, 18mp and an 810 mm equiv reach. All she has done is take a picture that took first place in an International Photo competition, beating the pants off me :( :( :D 

    One more question, what had you been shooting BIF with, I forget, and how would you compare the D500?

    Keep them coming, thanks.

    ps. What I think really makes this picture unique are the water drops coming down from the upper beak and the way that poor fish is staring right at one, seeing its reflection for the very last time ........ Congrats to the Mrs.
  20. As long as she carries it in the field too (y)
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