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D500 Matrix Metering gone made

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Irenemcc, May 5, 2018.

  1. This happened yesterday - it is not the first time either.
    I need to switch the camera off and on again for it to 'recover' and become normal.

    I was shooting in manual mode, Auto ISO and using matrix metering. All my other images had been at 100 ISO but for that white-out frame it suddenly shot up to 900 ISO (pointing at the beach scene, as per the next picture). I knew it was going to be over-exposed, but shot the image anyway according to the camera's requested settings, just to have this as a record.

    Has anybody else experienced this?

    x-D500 Auto metering gone mad.JPG
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  2. pforsell


    Jan 15, 2008
    Does the EXIF show that the camera was in matrix metering mode and not inadvertently in spot? For example, if the spot metering mode is configured to one of the Fn buttons, could it be that a finger or something pressed that button just enough without you realizing? Other than that, sounds like the camera needs service.
  3. That's a thought, but all settings were as per the previous run of images

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  4. I've gone through 12 different Nikon DSLRs in the past 13 years and I've never seen anything like that. Looks like an intermittent fault that won't be reproducible.

    I have no suggestions.
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  5. Thanks for your thoughts. Intermittent problems are always the worst, aren't they?
  6. This happened to me once, never again, nothing wrong with the camera, my capture came out a solid green color, setting was at matrix metering, never happened again. Nikon D500.
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  7. That sounds like a memory card error.
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  8. Could have been
  9. I was shooting birds on spot AE and then it started to overexpose in the middle of a burst. Can't see why. Now using matrix with no dramas.
  10. I've had a few anomalous events with my D500 including exposure shifts though none quite this dramatic. I wonder if the D500 uses Windows Vista for its OS :D 
  11. That depends on the context. As an example, my wife strongly hopes my faults change from being constant to intermittent.
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