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Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by YvetteH, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. YvetteH


    Dec 12, 2013
    I have been pulling my hair out not knowing what the problem is and it is probably the settings in my camera that I have wrong. I find that even at ISO 800 I am getting noise. I shot this hummingbird this morning at ISO 800, 1/500th and f7.1 and I think it was EV -1.

    The one pic is without editing and the other is with noise reduction and sharpening (of the bird) in LR. I was shooting with my 150-600 hand hold so therefore not tack sharp to start with. Any recommendations on camera settings if that is the problem. Or is this normal and one has to always do some noise reduction in post processing? hummingbird (1 of 1).jpg hummingbird noise (1 of 1).jpg
  2. BrianVS


    Mar 15, 2017
    Have you tried shots with EV0 through to EV+2/3? With other cameras: noise is more pronounced in underexposed areas. What compression mode are you using? Lossy/Compressed formats will make noise more pronounced.

    Agreed- the noise in the second shot is pronounced for only being ISO800.
  3. Mike Irish

    Mike Irish

    Jun 14, 2008
    I have also seen these noise problem with the D500 but with ISO over 1600!. I now limit the ISO to 1600 MAX.
  4. YvetteH


    Dec 12, 2013
    Is my ISO sensitivity setting maybe wrong? I have it at 400
  5. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    I couldn't make a decision based on web size images. The 2nd shot is OOF. What was the exif and metering mode
  6. Is this a cropped image or straight out of the camera?
  7. YvetteH


    Dec 12, 2013
    FIXED IT!!! I restored the camera to factory settings and it is back to normal ha ha. So I must have changed something in camera to get the noise. What a relief.
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  8. I was just looking at dpreview on the D500 Yvette, that looks like the noise at iso 800 with noise reduction turned off.
    Doing the reset probably just turned on the default noise reduction.
    Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 7.53.35 AM.png
  9. TonyW


    Jan 15, 2010
    Although I cannot say for a fact it is quite possible that your image is actually underexposed by -1+EV due to the way raw conversion works in many raw processors and your minus 1 EV may have compounded the error.

    If you want to post a raw link I can have a look just send pm
  10. Not the best picture but shooting at ISO 2000 in low light in the rain I have no complaints about camera & ISO performance.

    Nikon D500
    Nikon 500mm F-4
    F 6.3
    Speed 160
    ISO 2000
    Shot RAW

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  11. wilvoeka


    Jul 4, 2008
    The noise in the edited shot is the result of too much sharpening(How it looks to me any way). With the image being out of focus by adding sharpening the only thing you are really sharpening is the noise.
  12. The only noise I heard is when the Roadrunner's neck went SNAP :eek:
    200-500 FTW

    D5H_7525 (1).jpg
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  13. PhotogWannabe


    Mar 19, 2007
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  14. Been seeing a lot comments about noise on the D500 - this was shot @ISO 3200:
    28063051055_1ffda63848_b.jpg _5000197 by Tim Robinson, on Flickr

    As was this:

    27782593130_657eee26fb_b.jpg _5000366 by Tim Robinson, on Flickr

    I've switched to a D810 for venue shooting for the most part, but I'm perplexed at the comments regarding noise over 1600 or so.... :p Or maybe I'm not as picky about it... :-D
  15. I find that the D500, like other crop cameras, tends to have more noise than I like. I rarely allow it to go over 1600 iso, and even then require noise reduction on most shots.
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  16. I tend to agree with Fred, although I do and have shot at ISO 3000 and a bit above but I do have to do some serious noise reduction. Having said that I do find that the D500 takes noise reduction quite nicely... up to a point.
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  17. photogramps

    photogramps Guest

    Have to agree with this, the D500 naturally produces a much 'grainier' effect than did my D7200 for example, bad conditions can make this a lot worse.
  18. Ann_JS


    Feb 18, 2015
    New York State
    While I don't have any experience with the D500, I am much more interested now in the subject matter of the image than I am concerned about Noise.

    Color Noise is very disconcerting but I tend to disregard Luminance Noise and use very little LN reduction (mostly None!) because I have decided that I prefer the texture of the LN to the smooshed plasticity which results from Noise Reduction.

    What thrills me with the newer cameras is being able to shove ISO into the stratosphere and shoot action in the dark by available light in a way which I could never do in the past.
  19. Butlerkid

    Butlerkid Cafe Ambassador Moderator

    Apr 8, 2008
    Rutledge, Tennessee
    That is certainly true of the D5. The D500? I prefer to keep ISO below 1,600.

    Regarding noise, to me that is one of the elements making up image quality. Today there are s/w tools that can tame noise without loosing fine details in fur and feathers. So I choose to eliminate extreme noise when I can because to me extreme noise does reduce the image quality and my enjoyment of even a superb subject.
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  20. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    I've seen clean 6400 shots but I've been burned on 1600 shots so I avoid it
    At the size posted your shots look clean but the black BG is helping a lot