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D70 banding problem

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by vulturetec, May 21, 2007.

  1. Over the past week I've started noticing a pretty pronounced banding problem with my D70, I plan on sending it to Nikon to be fixed...with all the talk about D80s and D200s, etc, I haven't heard much lately about problems with the older cameras. Has this been a common sensor problem on D70(s) (this is the 2nd sensor by the way, the first one lost a whole line of pixels within the first few months).

  2. Hi Scott. I have had mine for about 3 years now with no banding noticed. I noticed you fly a 310. I use to have a N and then a Q model. I accumalated about 1500 hours in them flying all around the country, including Alaska. They are a magnificant machine. I have a special place in my heart for them. Anyway, great pics in your gallery! Also, I was lucky enough to fly the Concorde from London to NY, in the jump seat no less. BRILLIENT to say the least!! I now fly a cirrus that I rent out at Orlando Executive at Air Orlando.
    All the best
  3. Howdy Nancy... like I said, I haven't heard a lot of gripes about the D70 but it isn't exactly the flavor of the month anymore either. I'll be sending mine back after vacation, in the meantime I have a D200 on the way to take its place.

    Thanks for the comments on the gallery, I'm starting to go back through my work and edit things properly. I've got a portfolio of fishing boats I'm starting to add to the aerial section, some of them are floating around here by I'm reprocessing them with NX and I'm liking what I see (no banding there, that's for sure :tongue:) :


    I'm based out of Ormond and Flagler - I fly right/rear seat in the '310 as photographer (and film loader, order taker, flight planner, software engineer, flight attendant, and I run the iPod). Ours is a 3-seat '63 H-model with the work camera bolted to the floor just aft of the 2nd row of seats (just one seat in the back for a place to sit and run things). We've had it all over to SE-USA, Bahamas, and Dominican Republic. I've got quite a lot of time in that one and an R-Model we flew years ago...just a '152 in the stable for my private fun flying - gives me something to open the windows on in the summer :cool: 

    All our competition has either moved to Alaska, or has come from Alaska. The operation that was in our hangar wintered in Florida and based out of Anchorage in the summer. Awesome flying!

  4. I can't really say I see the banding in the first picture, would you be referring to the sky? It kinda looks like light falloff to me. If that was taken with the 18-70, it is known for that problem.
  5. It isn't falloff, it's parallel horizontal lines through the image. Taking some pictures of trees, the backyard, whatever - the lines don't show. Against a solid background or dark area they show up pretty well. I noticed them awhile ago but I thought it was just noise that I hadn't really been concerned about, then they started showing up in skies.

    Here's a lightened that image that accents the banding. The arrows point to the obvious "striped" areas. I did a bunch of test images yesterday that were pretty bad, I never even bothered to copy them off the memory card.

  6. Oh, I see it now. It's really hard to see though I'm sure with a bigger image it's readily apparent.

    I hope it's not an apparent flaw with the sensor. I'd go nuts without my camera for a while. If it does go, I hope it goes when there's a replacement for the D80 that makes the upgrade more worth it for me that doesn't cost like the D200 :wink:
  7. I don't know this will help to diagnose further your problem. But recently, I encounter the same «stripping» with my D2X. The only thing in the setup I have changed is setting the sharpening to low instead of none (as I did before).

    I put back the sharpening to none and the phenomenon disapears.
  8. Interesting... that sounds like the software in the camera was making it worse - but both those images were from .nef files so I don't think that should have been a factor. I played around with in-camera noise reduction (shouldn't have made a difference, and it didn't). I couldn't get anything to make the banding/striping go away. The boat picture was taken in late 2005, same camera, with no hint of striping/banding. I'll have to go back and see when it started. I'll see what Nikon finds when I ship it out.
  9. ultimind


    May 13, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    I would try different RAW processors. They all interpret the image slightly differently. I've found the Nikon Capture NX to do a worse job than Adobe Lightroom (aka Camera Raw 4) especially when it comes to banding.
  10. Had this seldomly on my D70. Only happend on underexposure (night shots in my case) when afterwards pulled up in RAW processing.
    In your case, might be that the red channel got underexposed (blue sky + polaizer) and pulled up for white balance, hence the banding under such circumstances.

    Just a quick guess what might have caused that in your picture.
    Wasn't a real problem for me though, as it only happend under such rare circumstances.
  11. It shows up precisely the same in .nef and .jpgs - I've been shooting RAW/BASIC at the same time. :frown:
  12. I actually went out and shot a bunch of different scenes to see where/when/if it would show up. In most cases it wasn't a problem, but anything with a sky - polarizer or not - it would be there. It just shows up on a smooth background like a sky. The example I showed was pretty much just striping, but I had a couple of test images that showed it much worse, one had an almost blotchy look to it in areas. I've gone back over three years of images and can't find anything but typical noise and no banding, so it's definitely something that has popped up recently.

    I'll be sending it off in July, we'll see what Nikon says.
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